Every first date comes with jitters and anticipation, but it's time to take one anxiety-provoking thought out of the equation: outfit stress. Use this guide to decide what to wear for every type of first date.

Dinner date

For him: jeans, button-down, blazer, leather shoes

It's clear he put forth effort, but he doesn't look overdone. Denim and a blazer is always a good look — the jeans are casual and comfortable, but the blazer adds a hint of sophistication.

For her: simple dress, piece of statement jewelry, booties

It's simple and easy to put together while still being dressy enough for a slew of different restaurants. A minimalistic dress with statement jewelry is not only versatile, it's fool-proof.

Movie date

Movie theaters are casual by nature, but just because it's dark doesn't mean you shouldn't dress well. Choose something that will be comfortable to wear while you sit for a few hours — denim popovers and converse are perfect for guys and girls, and nothing says casual quite like denim and sneakers. Bonus tip: Opt for pieces that will keep you warm in the overly air conditioned theater.

For him: black jeans, converse, denim popover

For her: black t-shirt dress, converse, chambray popover

Day date

Day dates offer the most options — you can wear whatever you feel good in while you walk around and flaunt what you've got. These looks are functional for any activity that comes your way. Hint: Wear comfortable shoes in case you end up walking a lot.

For him: jeans, baseball tee, bomber jacket, chukkas

For her: jeans, flowy top, cardigan, riding boots