Today’s song of the week is called “Kill Em With Kindness,” a dub-step/EDM type track from the new Selena Gomez album "Revival," put out just last week. Without the lyrics, this tune is a nice dance beat you might hear at a party or enjoy on a night drive, but with the lyrics it holds an all-heart message. First looking at the title, Selena introduces her motto of being nice to others even when they don’t return it. Other lyrics that reflect this no-fighting-love-all anthem include:

“The world can be a nasty place … but we don’t have to fall from grace” and “No war was ever won in anger.”

This song is one of 14 tracks from her deluxe album. Selena spoke proudly of this release, making sure to point out that it was all about he r... and not a certain former lover (cough cough JBiebs). Now continuing to promote through photo shoots, she hints at a new tour. After heading out early during her previous tour due to her current diagnosis of Lupus, she is back and says, “It’s not just a recovery, but a Revival.”