Just in case you somehow missed all the Emmy awards, fashion week sightings, album releases and celebrity backlash that are already making headlines this week, here’s a recap:

For those desperately seeking online streaming hacks

At the 67th Annual Emmy Awards this past week, host Andy Samberg gifted viewers everywhere with his personal HBO Now username and password … and it actually works. Good thing, too, as we all race to catch up on the latest episodes of “Game of Thrones,” which set a new record by taking home 12 awards this year, including Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Supporting Actor for star Peter Dinklage.

Other highlights included a moving acceptance speech on equality from the brilliant Viola Davis, some beauty shoutouts from Amy Schumer (did you see that smokey eye?) and finally some credit for Jon Hamm after all those years of mastering the Don Draper persona of ads, alcohol and adultery to a T. And let’s not forget Amy Poehler, always epitomizing our inner IDGAF lazy girl mentality, rocking a hoodie and sunglasses by the end of the night.

This just in from London Fashion Week: Anna, Kate and Cara on the move

Fashion week — err, month — has officially begun, and so have the glamorous front row sightings. Vogue EIC Anna Wintour had quite the company at the Burberry show, sitting front row next to actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Sienna Miller, along with major models Kate Moss, Suki Waterhouse (aka Bradley Cooper’s ex) and Cara Delevingne accompanied by girlfriend St. Vincent. The Topshop show ushered in a younger crowd, including Ciara, model Jourdan Dunn and Disney star Bella Thorne, who just today made headlines after a Twitter dispute with Virgin Atlantic. Next up, Milan.

New in all things Taylor Swift…

No, she didn’t drop another album overnight, but close. Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams covered Swift’s recent album 1989 in full, and the acoustic, alternative take just dropped. The remake screams heartbreak, angst and true romance, and as The Atlantic says it: “Ryan Adams’s 1989 by traditional standards sounds like 'real music' while the original sounds 'fake,' but how real can it be when it’s all material written by Taylor Swift and the same folks who created Britney Spears’s career?” Ouch, but hey, good for you, Ryan, you need it after your recent split from wife of six years, Mandy Moore.

And to leave you with one last tip: Take a second before sending that pic

Heartthrob Ryan Reynolds just announced that one of his close friends of 25 years tried to sell his infant daughter James’ baby pics for what we can only expect was quite the hefty price. Ryan said it wasn’t hard to figure out who sent the pics, him only sending them to close family and friends. He calls the betrayal a huge upset, like a death of a loved one, and we don’t blame him. And really, do you want to get on Blake Lively’s bad side? That guy better watch out.

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