It is evident that in today’s world, bold and thick eyebrows are a definite in. Lily Collins, Cara Delevingne and Emma Watson have all made quite the statement with their “un-tamed” brows. So much so that women everywhere are trying to achieve this look. Some are succeeding. Others … not so much.

Polly Smith, 19, was scheduled to go through a HD eyebrow treatment at a salon in the United Kingdom to get fuller eyebrows. This included threading, waxing and dyeing them in order to get her desired look. After paying more than 50 pounds and undergoing the treatment, she looked in the mirror and was extremely satisfied with the outcome.

But not for long.

The skin around her eyebrows began itching and turned a bright scarlet color. Oh, but it got even worse. The morning following the treatment, she found that her skin was swollen and that her brows had turned yellow, scabby and patchy. She went to seek medical attention and found out that her skin may be scarred for life because of the dye reaction. The treatment was supposed to leave Smith with “Cara Delevingne eyebrows” but left them looking like quite the opposite.

Ladies, a piece of advice … If you are trying to get bolder and thicker brows, use something called an eyebrow pencil. My favorite is the Benefit Instant Brow pencil, which you can easily find in any Sephora or Ulta. Use YouTube and make up websites to find tutorials and avoid the dye, scabbing and allergic reactions.

(Just a thought … How weird is it that two patches of hair on your face can make or break the way you look? If you don’t believe us, search “celebrities without eyebrows” into Google Images.)