Ever since arriving back to earthy-crunchy Western Massachusetts for the summer, I've been hearing more than ever about being "gluten-free."

One of my good friends recently told me he has (newly-discovered) Celiac disease. Having shared glutenous meals with him in the past, my first question was, "How could you not know?"

Turns out, gluten allergies can express themselves extremely subtly — like being tired all the time, which was the case for my friend.

This won't surprise anyone who knows me well, but after hearing of this I immediately started wondering if I was allergic to gluten — I'm always tired!

This mini Ted Talk video breaks down the complexities of this craze a little bit:


Whether it's the "Nocebo effect" or maybe the fact that gluten really isn't that great for us, chances are we're gonna keep hearing about all this for a while, so we might as well get educated.