After nearly two weeks of deliberation, Student Government Association Executive President Darien Flowers announced his decision to veto the resolution against Chick-fil-A’s presence at Elon University.

The resolution, which passed 35-11 in a vote by the SGA Senate Oct. 12, argues Chick-fil-A does not align with the university’s non-discrimination policy and advises Elon’s administration to replace Chick-fil-A with a different vendor in the future Lakeside Dining Hall.

Flowers said he chose to veto the legislation because it stifles the free flow and exchange of ideas on campus.

“I believe that Elon, and each of us, will be better served by taking those steps that support a marketplace of ideas,” he said. “I have confidence that each of you will evaluate every idea that is presented and will gravitate toward and support those ideas that are best for our community.”

He also expressed concern at the possible effects of the legislation.

“We are here to permit the free flowing exchange of ideas,” Flowers said. “If we ask the administration to remove an institution because of its ideas, we are setting a precedent that is dangerous because it stops the free flow of ideas.”

Flowers said his decision to veto the bill was influenced by the collective opinions of the SGA Senate and the student body, not his personal opinion on the matter.

“I have heard what the senate members thought on this issue on both sides,” he said. “Students and faculty have been great and given me a lot of feedback for discussion.”

The senate members will meet Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in McCoy Commons 212 to discuss and vote on the veto. To override the veto, 2/3 of the senate must vote against it.