NEWS 1/14/13 10:01pm

Inaugural Parade Celebrates Past and Present

Crowds gathered in Raleigh Saturday morning to welcome the man they elected into office. In his speech, Governor McCrory shared his high hopes for the next four years. McCrory said, "Working together, we can make North Carolina the place of unlimited opportunity: a place where anyone who studies hard, works hard and lives a life with high values, can fulfill and even exceed their potential." After the speech, the crowd gathered along the parade route to get a glimpse of the new governor.

NEWS 1/13/13 8:52pm

Inaugural Celebration ties up a week of festivities

Pat McCrory and guests gathered at the Raleigh Convention Center on Saturday for a final celebration to end a week of inaugural events. The night had a "Nothing Could Be Finer" theme, featuring music, food and decorations that come from the area. The walls of the main ballroom were adorned with scenes from various regions of North Carolina, including the coast and mountain regions. The menu consisted of samples of pork barbeque, fried green tomatoes, and Cheerwine cupcakes. While many public and political figures were in attendance, there were some younger groups joining in the fun as well. Eighth grader Dillon Wingo was at the Convention Center with a friend and said she wanted to "eat food, listen to music and just celebrate." Another guest, Chip Neff, contributed to McCrory's campaign and said it was important to expose younger generations to the political process early. "I thought there would be nothing better than to bring my fourteen year-old daughter and one of her friends to see what promises are being made and when they reach my age, they get a chance to see whether or not they've been delivered on," Neff said. Even the newly elected governor himself believed in the power of the young. "One of my goals is to get young people involved in the political process.

NEWS 1/7/13 11:15pm

Holly's Holidays

Fears of falling off the fiscal cliff were expected to hurt holiday sales. But locally, that was not the case. The management at Holly Hill Mall in Burlington says that sales were better this holiday season than in recent years. Samantha Story, a sales associate at Fashion Express in Holly Hill Mall says she was very surprised by the holiday turn out. "They were super busy all the time, like the entire store was filled with people," Story said. The same was true at other stores. Levarrick Enoch, Manager of the Burlington Brands, said his store had a great holiday season. "This year we really ran through those numbers, almost doubled the numbers to be honest with you, so the parking lot was full every night," Enoch said. Holly Hill Mall management says the success is due to many new stores brought to the mall by new ownership.

NEWS 11/27/12 10:07pm

If at first you don’t secede, don’t try again

In the weeks following President Barack Obama’s re-election, conservative citizens across the country upset with Obama’s victory have been looking for alternatives rather than enbuy cialis online no prescriptiondure another term under a Democratic administration. But a radical petition originating from Texas to secede from the United States has led to the spread of secession fever across all 50 states, with considerably more than a million signatures received already. Anyone with a political science or history degree will tell you a state or nation’s reasons for secession are pretty standard throughout history: resentment from the people on the level of power being exercised by their government. But if you were to ask them if secession could be considered a legitimate option in our scenario, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a satisfactory answer justifying it. None of this secessionist folly will amount to anything.

NEWS 11/14/12 2:45pm

Election night Facebook posts lead to backlash for SGA President

Last week's Presidential election led a lot of people to take to social media to express their opinions. Included in this group was SGA President, Darien Flowers, who had some harsh words for President Obama and the future of our country. "So discouraged in the American public tonight," Flowers wrote on Facebook.

NEWS 11/7/12 4:36pm

New presidency could shift balance of Supreme Court

With four Supreme Court justices in their 70s, some analysts are saying it's likely that the next elected president will appoint at least one justice, shifting the balance of the court. Elon Political Science Professor Dion Farganis agrees, and predicts that if President Obama is re-elected he would appoint a liberal justice and Governor Romney would do the opposite. "If Obama gets re-elected and a conservative justice retires like Scalia, that would then change the balance," Farganis said.

NEWS 11/5/12 11:16pm

Obama has tight grip on Illinois as election approaches

President Obama lived in Chicago, before becoming a Senator of Illinois, and in the upcoming election, Real Clear Politics calls Illinois a "solid state" for Obama. A recent Chicago Tribute poll showed Obama leads in the state with 55 percent of votes compared to Romney's 36 percent, with a margin or error of 3.7 percent. College voters in the area, like University of Illinois in Chicago sophomore Giuliana Molinaro, tend to agree. "I do think Obama is looking at the long term, and at the big picture, and what's best for all of America," Molinaro said. Chicago is home to more than 30 universities, with hundreds of thousands of students enrolled.

NEWS 11/5/12 10:25pm

Clinton rallies support for Obama in Raleigh

More than 4,000 North Carolinians gathered in Pullen Park in Raleigh Sunday afternoon to hear former President Bill Clinton campaign for President Barack Obama's reelection bid. "He's [Obama] outperformed Europe, he's outperformed his predecessor, and he deserves a chance to finish the job," Clinton said, as supporters waved American flags and signs chanting "Forward, not back." In earlier weeks polls projected Republican presidential nominee and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney winning North Carolina.

NEWS 11/5/12 10:24pm

ELN: Rick Santorum Interview

Katie Moulton, Brennan McGovern and Rachel Southmayd Skyped with Former United States Senator, Rick Santorum to get his opinion on the 2012 Election.

NEWS 11/5/12 10:13pm

ELN: Dan Forest Interview

ELN requested interviews with all of the candidates on the Alamance County Ballot. Nicole Bloom interviewed Dan Forest, a candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

NEWS 11/5/12 10:01pm

ELN: Linda Coleman Interview

ELN requested interviews with all of the candidates on the Alamance County Ballot. Katie Moulton casino interviewed Linda Coleman, a candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

NEWS 11/5/12 9:55pm

Sandy devastates Northeast, shuts down voting stations

By Neima Abdulahi Superstorm Sandy had some voters in the northeast worried about casting their ballots on Election Day. Sandy left some polling stations in New York and New Jersey destroyed along with neighborhoods and businesses. New Jersey's Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno said people should go to their specific voting locations.

NEWS 11/5/12 9:39pm

ELN: Ann Vaughan Interview

ELN requested interviews with all of the candidates on the Alamance County Ballot. Joe Bruno interviewed Ann Vaughan, a candidate for County Commissioner. Other candidates for County Commissioner, Eddie Boswell, Linda Massey, Mark Hopp, Tom Manning and David Smith did not respond to ELN's media request. [div class="alignleft"] [/div]

NEWS 11/5/12 9:35pm

ELN: Pam Thompson Interview

ELN requested interviews with all of the candidates on the Alamance County Ballot. Kelly Finneran interviewed Pam Thompson, a candidate for the Board of Education.