NEWS 9/6/12 4:53pm

DNC: Ed Gordon

Ed Gordon of BET's "Weekly with Ed Gordon" on why it is important for college students to vote. [div class="alignleft"] [/div]

NEWS 9/5/12 6:46pm

Protesters With Opposite Views Find Common Ground

A faith-based protest got heated outside of the Charlotte Convention Center Wednesday morning, when a demonstrator accused America of moving away from God. "The Democratic National Convention has come to the conclusion that they don't need God anymore," said Reverand Flip Benham, bellowing into the megaphone at the Operation Save America demonstration. Other protesters holding signs that condemn abortion, homosexuality and other Biblical sins supported Benham, the director of Operation Save America.

NEWS 9/5/12 3:39pm

Protests Preview

Here's a look at what's been going on outside the Charlotte convention center: ELN was there during the abortion debate this afternoon. [div class="alignleft"] [/div]

NEWS 9/5/12 11:52am

DNC: Julian Castro

DNC keynote speaker Julian Castro on why young people should vote in the upcoming election. [div class="alignleft"] [/div]

NEWS 9/5/12 11:01am

DNC Burlington Protestors in Charlotte

Protestors came from all over the country to let their voices be heard at the DNC. Jason Puckett found some local protestors who shared their opinions. [div class="alignleft"] [/div]

NEWS 9/5/12 10:54am

DNC Women's Caucus meets in Charlotte

Nicole Chadwick visited the Democratic Women's Caucus and learned why their vote is so important in this election. [div class="alignleft"] [/div] Speakers include former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and President of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards.

NEWS 9/3/12 11:24pm

DNC: Young Delegates

Nicole Chadwick caught up with one of the youngest delegates at the DNC: 22-year-old David de la Fuente. [div class="alignleft"] [/div]

NEWS 9/3/12 10:27pm

DNC: Elon Poll Results

Eric Halperin reports on the Elon Poll results and he sat down with Charlie Cook to discuss the findings. [div class="alignleft"] [/div]

NEWS 8/31/12 9:13am

Mitt Romney accepts nomination

The final day of the convention was like nothing I have ever witnessed before. The floor and stands of the Tampa Time Forum were filled with state delegates, politicians, and many guests of the Republican Party. The Republican party went through a long and stressful primary season but finally came together to rally around their candidates for President and Vice President, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

NEWS 8/27/12 11:27pm

DNC Preview

Jason Puckett and Nicole Chadwick give us an idea of what Elon Local News will be covering at the Democratic National Convention next week.

NEWS 8/27/12 11:17pm

Presidential race heats up

The swing states will play a critical role in the race to the white house. As of now, Obama leads the CNN projected numbers with 237 electoral votes...Needing 33 more to win...While Romney holds 206 votes needing 64 more take over the White House. States in blue lean Democrat and states in red lean Republican while yellow states could lean with either party. Although North Carolina tends to vote Republican the numbers are shifting in favor of the Democrats.

NEWS 8/27/12 10:48pm

Republican National Convention Preview

I'm here at the Tampa Bay Convention Center where all the media are being held. This center is about a block away from the Tampa Bay Times Forum where the convention is set to convene. The whole area is secure.