NEWS 3/3/23 1:00am

Elon University clarifies what 5.14% increased tuition is going toward

Janet Williams, vice president for finance and administration, said the reasoning behind the 5.14% tuition, room and board increase is to assist with items such as hiring and retaining additional staff members, increasing financial aid for items such as student internships and increasing diversity efforts. During the Elon University March 2 Student Government Association business meeting, Williams shared details on what students tuition goes toward and Chris Fulkerson, assistant vice president for administrative services, and Jana Lynn Patterson, dean of students, shared what Elon’s student insurance will cover. 

NEWS 3/1/23 12:18pm

Women in politics: representation, contention

Sophomore Reese Guckert said that she first became interested in politics after feeling judged for expressing her views during the 2016 presidential election. Today, Guckert said she is both inspired and frustrated by both party’s responses regarding women in politics. Guckert, the public relations chair for the university’s College Republicans club, said that a candidate’s appearance is not something that the candidate themselves nor voters should be focusing on. Guckert said this is something she likes about Republican 2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley. 

NEWS 2/27/23 10:21pm

Elon Town Council discusses lack of parking downtown, proposes metered parking

A main problem Elon residents have with downtown Elon is a lack of parking. Benchmark planning, a consulting firm hired by the town of Elon to create a master plan for downtown Elon, proposed metered parking in some locations downtown. During the Feb. 27 council meeting, Benchmark planning shared findings of a survey and focus groups they hosted for input on downtown Elon.

NEWS 2/16/23 11:47pm

New provost updates Elon University Student Government Association

During Elon University’s Student Government Association meeting on Feb. 16, Provost Rebecca Kohn said that her new role has allowed her to work more with diversity, education and inclusion, as well as health and wellbeing within the university.  Kohn said that she has been a part of work being done to advance the equity requirements that Elon students will be required to take, beginning in fall 2023. Kohn also said she helped with recruitment and retention of people of color on staff. Part of this work included looking at where there may have been existing bias and taking a closer look at how to recruit with diversity as a priority and use inclusive language.

NEWS 2/10/23 1:34am

Elon University communications focuses branding on storytelling

During Elon University’s Student Government Association’s town hall in the Moseley Student Center on Feb. 9, Mike Haskins, vice president of university communications, discussed Elon’s brand with students and how it impacts the school. Haskins said Elon’s brand is its story. Haskins said one of the reasons building a brand is crucial is because it helps build its reputation, making more students interested in attending the university. Haskins said Elon’s brand is important, as it increases students’ future career opportunities by increasing its name recognition. 

NEWS 2/8/23 8:15am

Town Council considers extending Link Transit access to Elon

At its Jan. 23 regular meeting, the Elon Town Council voted to continue looking into the option to extend the blue line of Burlington’s fare-free Link Transit bus system, adding six stops in the town of Elon. The Link Transport proposal would mark the first time in 62 years that Elon has been linked with train service using public transport since the Elon College station, served by the Southern Railway, closed in 1961.The Elon College depot once stood on the corner of Lebanon and Williamson Avenues. 

NEWS 12/13/22 9:16pm

Town of Elon votes to approve rezoning request

During the Dec. 13 work session meeting, Elon’s town council voted unanimously to approve the rezoning request for Tax Parcel 108932, the land located at the intersection of University Drive and Cook Road. Previously, according to the town’s Land Development Ordinance, the land was zoned for industrial use and now it is suburban residential.