OPINIONS 4/30/15 12:19pm

Doctor's Orders: An open letter to Kanye Omari West

Doctor's Orders is a weekly satirical column in which two unprofessional, definitely fake doctors offer up prescriptions for their Phoenix patients. This past week, the Elon University Student Union Board sent out the list of potential artists for our Fall 2015 Homecoming Concert.

OPINIONS 4/30/15 12:12pm

University should minimize Festivus damages

Elon University administrators did their part in muddying up campus when they chose not to provide hoses outside residence halls for students celebrating Festivus Sunday, April 26. Traditionally, students who participate in Festivus leave trails of muddy footprints and ruined clothing behind them as they trek home to shower and recover from the festivities. This year, lacking hoses — and perhaps sobriety — with which to clean off, these students undoubtedly created a mess for Physical Plant staff, who don’t deserve such treatment. The mud students tracked across campus and into their dorms had to end up somewhere. Robert Buchholz, associate vice president for facilities management and director of Physical Plant, said some of it ended up plastered on buildings. The university hasn’t always deprived students of the tools necessary for cleaning off. MarQuita Barker, associate director of residence life for operations and information management, said the university has provided hoses for students to use after the event for the past few years. But this year, administrators decided against it because Festivus is not a university-sponsored event, and they didn’t want to “enable students.” According to Barker, the goal of not enabling students with hoses was to stop the growth of Festivus as a campus tradition.

OPINIONS 4/30/15 11:04am

Closing the gap between job needs and getting degrees

Just over a week ago, business policy group ReadyNation released a report saying Illinois could be short 150,000 qualified workers in a variety of fields by the year 2020. ReadyNation says the number 150,000 comes from the fact that 69 percent of the 2.3 million job openings in Illinois require postsecondary education, but only 62 percent of Illinoisans have reached this level of education, creating a 7 percent gap — or 150,000 workers. Inevitably, this is a situation that brings a plethora of economic issues for the state of Illinois, such as making the state less competitive, and the apparent solution, according to Sean Noble, state director of ReadyNation, is putting more funds into early childhood education.

OPINIONS 4/28/15 4:41pm

Column: Decision making with Rich Skrosky

Let’s hope this doesn’t become an annual question. Spring practice is over and as we progress into the summer and fall, the same question surrounds the Elon University football team. Who’s going to start at quarterback? It’s head coach Rich Skrosky’s second season, and it’s the second straight year this is at the forefront of discussion.

OPINIONS 12/10/14 12:45pm

Column: Did USCAA opponents fog Elon's vision?

The distraction of final exams whisked into the past, the Elon University men’s basketball team should have a clear set of eyes heading into Thursday’s game at the University of Missouri. But the two-game mini-homestand against two United States Collegiate Athletic Association opponents might have fogged up the Phoenix a bit as it prepares to face not only Missouri but second-ranked Duke University on Monday, Dec.

OPINIONS 11/30/12 6:54pm

Coming home

BARCELONA—It has been almost three months. I have been to three countries other than Spain and I have been to nine different cities besides Barcelona.

OPINIONS 11/5/12 6:11pm

Absentee voting from Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — I knew when I decided to go abroad this semester that voting absentee would be part of the experience. I registered to receive my absentee ballot before I left and once I was abroad, I waited early for the email.

OPINIONS 10/4/12 9:10pm

London Impressions and Daily Differences

Elon students studying abroad this semester in London share their impressions, observations and experiences that they have made since arriving to the city .  Expectations By Allie Andrews Expectations can be a difficult thing.

OPINIONS 10/2/12 8:55pm

Correspondents' Corner: Paradox in Paradise

DAKAR, SENEGAL — Goree, a picturesque island just two kilometers from Dakar’s harbor, provided my first refreshing escape from the busy, dirty city of Dakar to a serene, beautiful island still dotted with colonial era buildings and cobblestone paths.


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