OPINIONS 9/9/15 8:05am

Study abroad for yourself, not others

Students must decide for themselves what they want their abroad experiences to be. They can choose to go somewhere that will further their career goals or that offers courses specific to their major, or they can choose to go to the same abroad destination as their friends. These options are not mutually exclusive: It’s certainly possible to study abroad with friends and still have an experience that fulfills academic, professional, cultural and personal goals. But that is up to each student to determine for him or herself.

OPINIONS 9/8/15 4:03pm

'Proper' language requires context

Ask any group of English majors what their pet peeves are, and you could compile an entire BuzzFeed-esque listicle entitled “1,000 grammar mistakes you didn’t know you were making but definitely are.” But as an English major, do you know what my pet peeve is? Grammar snobs.

OPINIONS 9/4/15 10:22am

Multi-Faith SAGES come to Elon University

We are looking for motivated, great students to take part in a new Truitt Center program at Elon University called Multi-Faith SAGES. SAGES is for students who love religious diversity; who want to know more about their own religious and spiritual traditions, practices and beliefs and who want also to know how to interact respectfully with others.

OPINIONS 8/31/15 10:14pm

Not a ‘Fun Home’ at Duke

Allison Bechdel’s “Fun Home” is no stranger to controversy. Since its initial publication in 2006, the graphic memoir has been repeatedly studied, scrutinized and summarily rejected for its unflinching portrayal of harsh subjects.

OPINIONS 8/26/15 11:27am

Make Elon 101 more collaborative

On paper, the TA serves only as an assistant to the faculty or staff member instructor and explains parts of Elon the instructor isn’t familiar with. But the TA should take a more interactive role that allows him or her to better engage new students and prepare them for life at Elon both inside and outside the classroom.

OPINIONS 8/26/15 9:22am

Get your geek on

Let your geek flag fly. Because we all have a passionate geek inside us if we’re willing to admit it, and we are all are a heck of a lot more interesting when we connect our social lives with our intellectual ones and let our inner geeks out.

OPINIONS 8/26/15 9:18am

Experiences over expectations

Coming into college, many of us were told, “Watch out for the Freshman 15,” those pounds you may or may not pick up after late-night snacks and forgetting to go to the gym for a few weeks in a row. It doesn’t end with freshman year, though.

OPINIONS 8/22/15 2:43pm

Persistent, progressive momentum

The past year was not an easy one for Elon University. After repeated bias-caused incidents challenged Elon’s goal of creating an open and safe environment, the community made considerable progress toward finding solutions that would benefit all. It would be a shame to let that progress stagnate.

OPINIONS 7/31/15 5:08pm

Column: Examining the academic side of Elijah Bryant's transfer

When word got out that rising sophomore Elijah Bryant planned to leave Elon University, many speculated as to the reason the reigning Colonial Athletic Association Rookie of the Year chose to leave. Earlier this week, Bryant committed to Brigham Young University over Butler University, University of Miami and University of Dayton, all of which offered him. Questions still remained, as Bryant did not respond to requests from The Pendulum and other media outlets that covering Elon.

OPINIONS 5/6/15 1:02pm

Letter to the editor

Written by Cheri Armour Samples ’09 I graduated in 2009 from Elon, and throughout my incredible four years there, I remained incredulous each year when, each April, on a beautiful afternoon, the walls and carpets in the residence halls would be streaked with mud. Incriminating footprints would lead from the bottom of the stairwells to the top, and often, a frustrated RA (me throughout the final three years at uni) would have to report the mess to Physical Plant, who, in addition to their typical duties, had to add “cleaning up after a bunch of over-privileged brats who write condescending pieces in to the school paper blaming the school for their sloppy behavior without so much as a thanks” to their to-do list. I was horrified when someone submitted “University should minimize Festivus damages,” a piece that outlined the reasons why Elon was somehow responsible for the mess that students left behind following the  Festivus romp in the mud.  The reasoning provided for why Elon was responsible was because Elon had not provided students with hoses to clean off with, despite the fact that the school has, for years, attempted to disassociate itself from the activity.