OPINIONS 2/1/17 8:38am

BENSON: There is still success in being single

We’ve all been there; at a busy party or reunion with family and friends, just trying to make it to the bathroom for a moment of silence when the sister of your aunt’s cousin begins lightly interrogating you and poses the question, “So, do you have a boyfriend?” Here we go again, you think to yourself. And it’s not necessarily the question that bothers you, but the answer you get, regardless of what you tell them.

OPINIONS 11/10/16 3:30pm

CAMPUS VOICES: What coming out really means

I want to start off this article by fully addressing what this is in response to. Last week, an article named “I’m coming out” was published in The Pendulum, where the author of the article “came out” as a conservative.

OPINIONS 11/2/16 9:51am

EDITORIAL: Elon InterVarsity student leaders should offer a statement

The situation is undeniably complicated. Between IV reaffirming its stance on gay marriage in no uncertain terms and Elon University’s campus-wide push for inclusivity, Elon InterVarsity (IV) is in a tough place. But so are the students in IV at Elon who look to the organization for spiritual guidance, as are the students in the greater Elon community committed to their own views of inclusivity.

OPINIONS 10/4/16 2:32pm

SEIDEL: Visual transcripts are not a full indicator of the Elon experience

On a typical Monday, I leave my apartment at 8 a.m. and don’t return until about midnight. During that time, I go to class, I work as a barista, I work in the newsroom, I sometimes eat, and I try to do homework.  My visual transcript remains blank through all of this.  The purpose of the visual transcript is to capture and validate student’s co-curricular experience.

OPINIONS 9/21/16 9:36am

BENSON: Party of one, please

We live in a world with 7 billion people with millions of likes, dislikes, experiences, interests and hobbies, and, a lot of times, the very best person to spend time with isn’t far at all—it’s yourself.

OPINIONS 9/14/16 10:00am

EDITORIAL: Lean on each other to grieve through Derek's passing

It didn’t matter if you knew Derek Winton, the fifth-year senior at Elon who died early Saturday morning. The loss of a community member — less than three weeks into our academic year — is painful for all. And for a campus that often moves too quickly into our own organizational silos, it’s important for all of us to stop, slow down and be there for each other in this time of grieving.


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