OPINIONS 5/4/17 11:02pm

EDITORIAL: Mental illness terminology should not be used casually

Mental illness is an issue that affects many students on Elon University’s campus. While not everyone suffers from a mental illness, mental health still affects us all and it deserves to be taken seriously and respected as a real problem students are consistently facing. Too often, Elon students use mental illness terminology flippantly in casual conversations, speaking phrases such as “Sorry, I’m so OCD” or “Oh I’m so depressed.” For students who actually suffer from these mental illnesses, using this terminology is perfectly OK.

OPINIONS 5/4/17 2:35pm

MORGAN: Enough is enough

When I signed up to live in the Alpha Phi Alpha house for next year, I knew it would be eventful. I didn't know it would geographically be at the middle of two controversies. This week proved me wrong.

OPINIONS 4/5/17 8:46am

BENSON: Millennials must stop cancelling plans

The world and all of its inhabitants loves to use millennials as the punching bag for blame — other generations tend to pin fault on this young, innovative and self-concerned sector of society for its handful of flaws. We have been perceived as lazy, stubborn, arrogant and resistant by other generations, and these allegations can be fought and challenged in numerous ways.

OPINIONS 3/10/17 9:54am

BARRETO: It is not enough to simply 'survive'

It’s safe to say Elon University brings to mind a specific kind of person — typically someone way over-involved, over-committed and who responds to the question, “How are you?” with “You know...I’m alive.

OPINIONS 3/8/17 9:07am

EDITORIAL: Elon must diversify senior staff

Of Elon University’s 15 people on senior staff, 13 are white, 11 are men and 10 are white men. These 15 people who sit in the highest positions at our university are simply not representative of our student body, which is 59 percent female and 20 percent racially or ethnically diverse. Though Elon prides itself on its unprecedented commitment to diversity, if our university’s highest held offices are still primarily filled with white men, then we are not truly amplifying the voices of diverse perspectives. The university has come a long way in its efforts to not only recruit students of diverse backgrounds, but also make them feel like they belong at Elon.

OPINIONS 3/1/17 8:52am

EDITORIAL: Stay informed without sacrificing mental health

In the current media landscape, consumers can very easily feel overwhelmed. Our CNN apps notify us about every one of President Donald Trump’s executive orders, our Twitter feeds refresh with breaking news stories and our Facebook friends are constantly sharing articles that frustrate them. For many, the news today is consistently negative and at times scary, and the need to consume it is as constant as it is exhausting. This constant stream of negative news is resulting in a phenom now being referred to as resistance fatigue, or the tendency to become exhausted by the feeling of constantly needing to protest against unpopular government policies. In the first few weeks of his presidency, Trump has already passed a number of executive orders that will directly affect many marginalized groups in our nation, causing students and people across the country to march or protest in resistance.


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