OPINIONS 11/2/16 9:51am

EDITORIAL: Elon InterVarsity student leaders should offer a statement

The situation is undeniably complicated. Between IV reaffirming its stance on gay marriage in no uncertain terms and Elon University’s campus-wide push for inclusivity, Elon InterVarsity (IV) is in a tough place. But so are the students in IV at Elon who look to the organization for spiritual guidance, as are the students in the greater Elon community committed to their own views of inclusivity.

OPINIONS 10/4/16 2:32pm

SEIDEL: Visual transcripts are not a full indicator of the Elon experience

On a typical Monday, I leave my apartment at 8 a.m. and don’t return until about midnight. During that time, I go to class, I work as a barista, I work in the newsroom, I sometimes eat, and I try to do homework.  My visual transcript remains blank through all of this.  The purpose of the visual transcript is to capture and validate student’s co-curricular experience.

OPINIONS 9/21/16 9:36am

BENSON: Party of one, please

We live in a world with 7 billion people with millions of likes, dislikes, experiences, interests and hobbies, and, a lot of times, the very best person to spend time with isn’t far at all—it’s yourself.

OPINIONS 9/14/16 10:00am

EDITORIAL: Lean on each other to grieve through Derek's passing

It didn’t matter if you knew Derek Winton, the fifth-year senior at Elon who died early Saturday morning. The loss of a community member — less than three weeks into our academic year — is painful for all. And for a campus that often moves too quickly into our own organizational silos, it’s important for all of us to stop, slow down and be there for each other in this time of grieving.

OPINIONS 9/1/16 2:26pm

BROWN: 2020, you don't have to fit the Elon mold

To incoming freshmen: Enjoy the moment. It’s an exciting time for you. You will not only meet many people but also experience different things. This doesn’t just apply to move-in day but to your entire year. So once in a while, put your phone up, look around, and enjoy the moment.

OPINIONS 8/26/16 7:00am

EDITORIAL: If you're calling Elon your new home, treat it like one

Class of 2020: If you haven’t declared it already, you’re likely preparing to call Elon your “new home.” And it’s true — this is your new home. But it stretches far beyond your new lofted bed. When you call this community your home, think about everything you’re embracing. All of it.

OPINIONS 8/25/16 8:49pm

AAPI Phoenix, we see you for who you are

When I first toured Elon University, it seemed like the perfect school. When I arrived here, it almost was. I loved the small class sizes. I had fantastic professors. I enjoyed the courses that I took. I felt like I was growing as a student. I became involved in InterVarsity, so my spiritual needs were provided for. To top it all off, the campus was beautiful. But despite all of the wonderful things Elon offered, I wanted to transfer a month or two into my freshman year. I’m a first-generation Filipino-American, and I didn’t feel like my ethnic identity was welcomed or supported on Elon’s campus.

OPINIONS 8/25/16 7:48pm

Become authors of your own worldview and faith

Oh behalf of the Chaplains — Father Gerry, Rabbi Meir, Chaplain Joel, Muslim Coordinator Shane Atkinson, and myself, Chaplain Jan — I want to welcome you! It is a joy to have the campus teeming again with happy and energetic students. Our presence on campus means that Elon cares about your spiritual self, and your whole self. Our mission, in the Truitt Center, is to provide you resources to explore, consider and deepen your religious or spiritual commitment. We also offer you opportunities to understand and interact with those who follow different paths. And we provide events and moments to support religious and non-religious students to think together and learn from each other.


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