NEWS 11/30/18 8:00am

Navigating Disability

Misbah Chhotani, a sophomore psychology major, has found a strong community at Elon University. She chose to attend the university because of her connections with Elon students during her high school years in Burlington, and continues to stay involved through Young Life, InterVarsity and ElonThon. Despite her clear sense of inclusion, one factor sets her apart from other Elon students. 

NEWS 11/29/18 11:28pm

Changes proposed to SGA's 19-year-old budget model

SGA is proposing to reform its allocation budget model for next year after concluding its previous model was not sustainable. A proposal for the original model to be replaced asks club members to make individual proposals through the year to SGA online at Phoenix Connect for each expense. After assessment, executive treasurer of SGA Max Pivonka said the organization found problems with balance in the old system. 

NEWS 11/29/18 11:17am

Non-tenure-track faculty fight to unionize at Elon

Faculty members at Elon University are working toward creating the institution’s first non-tenure-track faculty union by the end of fall 2018. Elon Faculty Forward went public with their efforts Thursday during their first public meeting, were they announced the filing of their union with the National Labor Relations Board.

NEWS 11/29/18 8:00am

BECK: The daily grind will pay off

Finals season is right around the corner, and everyone will be hiding out in the library to work toward that. The hard work will definitely pay off. Don’t be discouraged if one day in the library doesn’t make you an expert on statistics. Like anything, the A comes with time and effort. It’s not worth beating yourself up.

SPORTS 11/28/18 10:07pm

Elon gets first home win over Chowan

Elon University women’s basketball (2-3) outpaced Chowan University 88-74 for Elon’s first home win of the season Tuesday night. The Division II school made things difficult for Elon, refusing to go away for three quarters.

NEWS 11/28/18 9:19pm

Campus Voice: Uniting as faculty for the best interests of our students and community

As non-tenure track professors, ranging from adjunct instructors to lecturers and continuing track faculty, we are proud to be part of Elon. Despite successes, Elon faces similar challenges as our peer institutions regarding employment of non-tenure track faculty. In the past, non-tenure track positions were the minority among college instructors. 

NEWS 11/28/18 8:00am

Burglaries over Thanksgiving Break leave students shaken up

On Monday night, Elon University senior Kent Chance’s living room looked like any other college bachelor pad. Things were strewn about the room — stray beer glasses dotted the furniture; mismatched remotes shared space on a cooler serving as a makeshift coffee table. But it was all a bit more disheveled than usual after a break-in only a few days before.

NEWS 11/17/18 8:00am

Link Transit looks to provide needed services to community

When compared to statewide averages, Alamance County has higher rate of food insecurity, a lower median household income and more people without health insurance. The idea of fighting hunger, addiction and joblessness usually brings to mind shelters and soup kitchens, but Link Transit is providing a different kind of resource to address the county’s problems.