NEWS 10/27/13 10:16pm

Allied Churches expands to new food pantry

When Loaves and Fishes, Alamance County's largest food distributor, closed it doors in August, many community members worried where they would get their next meal. Allied Churches, a local food bank, stepped in to help out.

NEWS 10/26/13 11:34am

Elon’s take on BuzzFeed: the new news or new distraction?

It’s the bane of every teacher’s existence. It clutters Facebook homepages. It draws people of all lifestyles in with articles like “10 Peculiar Works of Art Featuring Donald Trump” and “23 Moments of Beyonce Realness.” At Elon University, students appear split on BuzzFeed’s attraction.

NEWS 10/24/13 1:21am

Construction disrupts parking plan

Students are back on campus following fall break, but they probably noticed some changes to where they are allowed to park. Construction on the new Inman Admissions Center, opening in 2015, reduced the Moseley Center parking lot to 100 spaces reserved strictly for faculty and staff, admissions visitors and campus visitors.

NEWS 10/23/13 9:05pm

Alexis Gray permitted to remove electronic monitoring device

The Alamance County District Court today granted Alexis Gray permission to remove the electronic monitoring device she has been required to wear since December 2012, when she was charged with felony possession of a firearm on Elon University's campus. Gray is awaiting her trial, which is scheduled for Dec.

NEWS 10/22/13 10:43pm

Raw Chicken Served in Lakeside Dining Hall

Complaints about Elon's dining services continue; the most recent one at Lakeside Dining Hall. "It was so gross." Jessica Trinidad cut into an unexpected dinner last week at Lakeside Dining Hall. "They gave it to me and when I was cutting into it, it was completely raw on the inside," Trinidad said. An Aramark worker served her raw chicken and when Trinidad brought it back, she was even more surprised by the response. "She responded with she already knew," Trinidad said.

NEWS 10/22/13 10:15pm

Piercing for a Cause

Elizabeth Jinx is a piercer at Inferno Ink Tattoo. "I have 155 of them, and I can tell you the meaning of each one," Jinx said. Each of Jinx's tattoos mean something to her.

NEWS 10/22/13 5:45pm

A Historical Twist on Halloween

You don't have to go to a cornfield to get spooked this October. The Haunted Forest Reborn is a Halloween trail right here in Burlington. You can find clowns, monsters, vampires and plenty of scares all in owner April Tate's backyard.

NEWS 10/8/13 8:14pm

Moseley parking lot to shrink with start of construction on new admissions building

The Moseley parking lot will be downsizing after fall break to allow for construction to begin on the Inman Admissions Welcome Center, according to an email to the student body from Dennis Franks, director of campus safety and police. The Moseley lot currently has 287 spaces and will decrease to approximately 100 spaces along with a few 20 minute parking spaces. "I think it's going to cause a lot of problems because everybody likes to park here to go to the library, go to the gym, go to Moseley," said Devon Rogers, a sophomore who has a car on campus.

NEWS 10/8/13 4:48pm

Researching to Save Lives

15 students from the class of 20-14 were awarded the Lumen prize, a 15,000 dollars scholarship that helps fund various academic endeavors.

NEWS 10/7/13 10:11pm

Historical Town Gives Guests a Look into the Past

Students not headed home for Fall Break can head 40 minutes down the road to the historical village of Old Salem. Founded in 1766 by a Protestant group called the Moravians, Old Salem acted primarily as a town for craftsmen instead of an agricultural town like many of the surrounding areas. Tyler Cox, Manager of Community relations for Winston Salem, says he enjoys giving back to the community and seeing people from all over come to visit. "We consider ourselves the Monticello of Winston Salem," Cox said.

NEWS 10/4/13 2:20pm

SGA Senate Recap: Oct. 3

At Thursday night’s SGA Senate meeting, Elon University’s ARAMARK representatives addressed the Senate about the recent health violations recorded in Colonnades Dining Hall. On Sept.

NEWS 10/2/13 11:34pm

Student Hit by Drunk Driver Faces Charges

Sophomore Amanda Beland was hit by a drunk driver on Friday, Sept. 27. According to a police report, Beland will also be facing charges. She is being charged as a pedestrian failing to yield to the right to all vehicles and underage drinking. Beland was crossing West Haggard Avenue in an area where there was no cross walk, when the accident happened. She is still in the hospital recovering. Stay tuned to for more updates on this story.

NEWS 10/2/13 12:15pm

Burlington Police Department improves city safety, one push-up at a time

You won't find Burlington police officers eating donuts. Especially when, in two years, they will have to pass a mandatory fitness test to keep their jobs. "We're gonna make sure that police officers are professional not only in their investigations but also professional when it comes to having to use their bodies to do their jobs," the department's training officer Graham Sappington said. BPD offers a gym facility in house, a free membership to the YMCA, a nutrition guide and peer mentor opportunities to improve health and fitness. To pass the test, officers have to run 200 yards, run through a fifty pound door, do 40 push-ups and 40 sit-ups, drag two people from cars to safety and remember street names throughout the test. Officer Sappington says right now, not everyone on the force can pass the test, but in two years when the test is mandatory, they will be. [div class="aligncenter"][/div]