NEWS 10/22/18 12:45pm

Mold and mildew in Virginia dorms

Students say they are more than frustrated with the mold outbreak in Virginia. This issue started earlier in the semester, but the roommates say they didn't receive help until Fall Break. 

NEWS 10/20/18 3:27pm

Elon Talks: Inauguration Edition

As part of the many events during the week of President Book's Inauguration, Elon Talks highlights the academic successes and experiences of both professors and their students to Elon University's alumni. 

NEWS 10/13/18 11:46pm

Cleaning up Michael’s mess on campus

Wendy Williams and other members of Physical Plant race to clear campus of debris caused by Hurricane Michael. The storm showered Alamance County with 2.5 inches of rain and had wind gusts up to 56 mph, leaving more than a dozen trees down and plenty of debris to clean.

NEWS 10/13/18 11:45pm

Moseley Center turned into a student shelter

Moseley Center opened as a student shelter for those staying in residences without power. The building was opened to the student body after the announcement of the continued power outage in the Station at Mill Point and across South Campus.

NEWS 10/11/18 9:39pm

Rains from Tropical Storm Michael drench Elon

On the first full day of Fall Break, rains and winds from Tropical Storm Michael wreaked havoc on Elon University. Alamance County declared a state of emergency and was under a slew of weather alerts, including a flash flood warning and a tornado watch.