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Obama puts future of electronic innovation in North Carolina's hands

Following a disappointing December that saw job creation fall to a three-year low, President Barack Obama visited North Carolina State University (NCSU) Wednesday to announce a $150 million public-private partnership to fund the future of energy-efficient electronic chips and devices. NCSU will lead a group of six universities and 18 private companies, the Next Generation Power Electronics Institute, in developing smarter and more affordable electronic chips, which run everything from cellphones to industrial motors. “We’ve got to do more today to connect universities like NC State with companies like Vacon to make America the number-one place in the world to create new businesses and new jobs,” Obama said to cheers from the sold-out crowd of 2,000 inside the J.W.

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Obama, McCrory discuss job creation for graduates at Air Force One

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A remodeled West End rings in Winter Term

Students returned from winter break to find that Elon’s signature bar, West End Station, underwent a massive transformation. West End’s new owner Harold Hill bought the bar at the end of the summer with the goal of creating more variety in the Elon community.

NEWS 1/13/14 3:38pm

Duke University professor offers unorthodox solutions for U.S. income gap

As a part of the Martin Luther King, Jr. 50th Anniversary Speaker Series, William Darity, Jr. spoke about economic justice Wednesday at Elon.  Darity serves as the chair of the African and African American Studies department at Duke University.  His research focuses on economic inequality. The talk focused on his plan to end unemployment and racially fueled wage discrimination. “The United States is characterized by a long-standing pattern of large structural racial inequality that has deepened further as a result of the economic down-turn,” Darity said. Despite the efforts of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the unemployment gap and the racial gap have remained about the same nationwide. The joblessness rate for black male teen high school dropouts is 95 percent, according to Remapping Debate, an advocacy group based in New York. African-Americans with some college education or an associate’s degree earn less than white high school dropouts, on average.

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Challenging Winter Term Courses

Winter term offers diversity in both classes and experiences. Some students study abroad during the three-week term, while others choose to stay at Elon and take classes such as Hogwarts for Muggles, or Films of Woody Allen.

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To be a Panthers fan

Few things can describe the sensation. "It's just like fire," said Senior Kyron Turner. "That's the only way I can describe it.

NEWS 1/10/14 12:44pm

SGA releases applications for the 2014 spring elections

Elon's Student Body President, Welsford Scott Bishopric, released on Jan. 10 the application forms for the 2014 Spring Student Government Association elections. Bishopric encouraged students to participate in SGA, saying, "[it] offers the unique opportunity to play a formative role in your environment." The SGA constitution states that its main purpose is representing the rights and opinions of the student body in ways that are consistent with Elon University's mission. SGA also seeks to provide for appropriate student activities, and join with faculty and administrators in building a stronger and more effective educational community. The SGA Election Packet for spring 2014 includes an application, rules and regulations, positions available, and other information necessary for potential candidates. The election process involves writing a campaign statement, acquiring a set number of signatures from supporters and giving speeches.

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Cherished alumnus Rev. John G. Truitt Jr. passes at 81

Rev. John G. Truitt Jr., a graduate in the class of 1953, died Saturday at the age of 81. He died after a long battle with illness, according to Elon University Communications. A celebration of Truitt's life will be held at the Elon Community Church Monday at 2 p.m.

NEWS 12/29/13 9:08pm

Study abroad options to expand, focus on 'nontraditional' destinations

Elon will launch eight new study abroad programs next fall to expand its options for students. The new programs, known as SIT-affiliates, were introduced to students last month at a College Coffee table hosted by the Global Education Center (GEC). Paul Geis, the associate director of study abroad, said the final list of SIT programs took several years to cement. “The model and philosophy resonates with Elon students and experiences,” he said.

NEWS 12/28/13 12:32pm

State Education Budget Revamps System, Elicits Strong Reactions

[tabs style="default"] [tab title="Home"] During the 2012 North Carolina gubernatorial campaign, former Charlotte mayor and Republican candidate Pat McCrory ran on several platforms in which he promised to “help turn North Carolina around.” The state had been suffering from tough financial times, among other issues. One that McCrory mentioned prominently was the poor education system in the state. “I have a passion for education.

NEWS 12/20/13 12:14pm

Elon residents arrested in drug investigation

Two Elon residents were arrested Tuesday in the Brookside Mobile Home Park as a part of a six-month-long joint drug investigation led by the Elon Police Department. Elon Police executed a search warrant and arrested Kionne McLaughlin, 24, and Scott Beatty, 25, both of 660 Manning Ave., Lot 9. According to a press release from the Elon Police Department, McLaughlin and Beatty are both affiliated with the "Crips" gang and are traced back to a string of residential break-ins. Elon Police recovered several stolen items including two Elon Baseball championship rings. Police also seized marijuana and drug paraphernalia from McLaughlin and Beatty.

SPORTS 12/16/13 9:07pm

Mary Carillo will give Elon's 2014 Commencement address

Sports commentator and 1977 French Open Winner Mary Carillo, parent of Elon student Rachel Bowden '14, will be speaking at this year's Commencement exercises. Carillo played four years of professional tennis, winning the French Open Women's Doubles competition in 1977.