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SGA Senate Recap: Sept. 27

At Thursday night’s SGA Senate meeting, a bill to “clarify and expand communication to students, faculty, and staff about acts of hate on campus” passed in a 36-5-2 vote. The bill was presented as a response to a recent bias incident in which Jewish student and a black student found a swastika, the letters “KKK” and male genitalia drawn on a whiteboard outside their dorm in Colonnades D.

NEWS 9/26/13 3:15pm

Kenyan Safari Acrobats at Elon

Elon's Center for the Arts welcomed the Kenyan Safari Acrobats on Sept. 24 to perform their routine of breathtaking stunts, comedy, and audience participation set to the heart-pounding music of the Kenyan Safari.

NEWS 9/24/13 3:08pm

Remembering Elon Student Michelle Pfleger

You may remember her as a freshman student in Fall 2010. She would be graduating with this year's Class of 2014, but Michelle Pfleger experienced only about a month of her freshman year before she died on Sept.

NEWS 9/19/13 11:47pm

SGA Senate Recap: Sept. 19

At Thursday night’s SGA Senate meeting, Matthew Antonio Bosch, the new director of Elon’s LGBTQ center, addressed the Senate about promoting awareness and education about LGBTQIA issues.

NEWS 9/18/13 10:29am

Elon battles spider problem

Whether you're a student living on or off-campus, you may have noticed more creepy-crawlies around your house than in years past. Many students are saying that spiders are roaming students' homes in greater numbers than last year, and in some cases, they're bigger than before. Large spider webs seem to be common in the fall on Elon's trees. "I'm not really scared of spiders," Senior Tucker Bolding said.

NEWS 9/17/13 11:22pm

Theater Master Class Takes the Stage

It's the one performance at Elon where the audience is part of the show: Improv. Yeager Recital Hall hosted the 2013 Improv Olympics Saturday night, which is a master class in Elon's theater department.

NEWS 9/17/13 7:20pm

Health Center Gets Facelift

This year, Elon's population expanded to 5,357 students. With the growth in student enrollment, comes a growth in campus infrastructure, according to U.S.

NEWS 9/17/13 7:19pm

Elon Community Reacts To Slurs

Campus is reacting to our report that two roommates woke up to hate language on Sunday morning. The two women, one Jewish and one African-American, claim they found drawings of 'KKK' and a swastika on the whiteboard of their suite. Chaplain Jan Fuller condemned the incident in a message to the Elon community that was posted on the Religious Center's website. "This is an unprecedented act of anti-Semitism for our campus, accompanied by all-too-familiar acts of racism," Fuller said.

NEWS 9/16/13 10:34pm

Military officials face sentencing as victims are remembered at ESMA trials

BUENOS AIRES — Officials from Argentina’s past military regime face sentencing this week for crimes against humanity under the Escuela de Mecanica de la Armada (ESMA) trial. In 1976, a military junta, or military run government, seized power in Argentina and for the next seven years carried out the National Reorganization Process, a period of state terrorism against left-wing guerrillas, political activists and anyone believed to be associated with socialism.


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