NEWS 2/27/14 11:56am

Behind the nameplate with Student Government President Joe Incorvia

Samuel Warren, Darien Flowers, Welsford Bishopric. These three men have represented Elon, and now the newest SGA President takes his seat at the head of the Executive Staff. Junior Joe Incorvia moves into the President's room in the Student Government Office on April 3, but there is more to Incorvia than just the title. "I come from a small town in Connecticut," Incorvia says.

NEWS 2/26/14 9:16pm

Police charge man in indecent exposure case

Elon University Police arrested a 31-year-old male Tuesday with indecent exposure following an incident that occurred at the intersection of O'Kelly and Haggard Avenue. According to an Elon University Police report, Colin Michael Mahoney was arrested at his residence in Chapel Hill on Feb.

NEWS 2/26/14 5:22pm

McEwen Dining Hall supervisor thrives in new location

There's a new face in McEwen Dining Hall. Chef Linda Loucurrie transferred from working in Lakeside, Biscuitville and Winter Garden Cafe to overseeing McEwen Dining Hall as a supervisor and cook. According to Dining Services Marketing Manager Kate Nelson, Dining Services relocates employees to give them new exposure in their job roles and to keep them interested. In Loucurrie's new domain, that plan is working.

NEWS 2/17/14 8:38pm

NC abortion provision heads to appeals court

North Carolina is the catalyst for one of the first appeals court hearings on the constitutionality of “speech and display laws.” Speech and display laws require a patient seeking an abortion to receive an ultrasound beforehand while a doctor gives a medical description of the fetus displayed. A 2011 law in North Carolina contained a speech and display provision, which was deemed unconstitutional by U.S.

NEWS 2/13/14 3:01pm

Students write and publish book over winter term

Winter Term classes can be stressful with a tight timetable, but Elon has a group of students who fought that timetable, and now their coursework can be bought across the world. Identity, culture shock and embracing independence are just a handful of issue students can face while traveling abroad. "Being in a place where you're not comfortable with anything, you really see who you really are underneath," said Jordan Joshua, an Elon Senior. This winter term, with the power of the pen, students who have studied abroad had an opportunity to share their experiences by writing a book. "It not only goes with the materialistic and the pretty surface level things of going abroad or coming back, but it also goes into deep personal analysis," said Emily Delaplane, a teacher's assistant to the class. Elon Professor Tom Arcaro set the pace for his class from day one without hesitation. "When he said we were going to be writing I book I thought... that's heavy," Joshua said. Despite the amount of work, Arcaro used teaching techniques that helped get the creative juices flowing. In a typical class you are assigned papers for work, but for this class, students wrote blog posts about specific personal experiences, some of which ended up in the book. Since 72 percent of Elon students study abroad before graduating, the class agreed on the importance of analyzing their life-changing experiences. "This is the reflection that students need when they come back, or before they go," Joshua said. The students aren't the only contributors.

NEWS 2/11/14 9:31pm

SUB, SGA consider changes to annual concerts

Every year, there are two concerts at Elon. One is in the fall, and one is in the spring, but this tradition might change soon. The Student Union Board and Student Government Association say they are considering combining the two concerts into one Homecoming show. SGA Student Body President Welsford Bishopric said he thinks everyone would benefit from combining the shows.

NEWS 2/10/14 7:08pm

Evidence suppressed in United States v. Alexis Gray

A handwritten note containing plans for committing and cleaning up a murder cannot be admitted as evidence in the prosecution of United States v. Alexis Gray, due to a ruling by Federal Judge William Osteen. The note was discovered in a "sippy-cup" in Gray's gold Acura, a closed container that Elon Campus Police did not have a valid warrant to search.