NEWS 9/25/15 6:10pm

Elon dedicates site of School of Communications expansion

Elon University President Leo Lambert remembers a phone call with Dwight Schar from last December, days after he and his wife donated $12 million for a number of university projects, including the School of Communications expansion. "OK, have the bulldozers shown up yet?" Schar asked. They arrived in May, and the construction has continued on the project that Schar's donation spearheaded.

NEWS 9/25/15 11:13am

Elon Poll: Trump leads GOP, trails Clinton

Donald Trump holds a slim lead over Ben Carson for North Carolina’s Republican presidential preference, but Carson and Jeb Bush would fare better against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, according to the Elon University Poll’s latest report.

NEWS 9/25/15 7:50am

Elon to expand flu clinic times, locations

With flu season approaching, Elon University is expanding its preparations to keep students healthy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu outbreaks can begin as early as October.

NEWS 9/24/15 9:23pm

Leonard Pitts, Jr., challenges culture of innocence regarding racial bias

This coverage was a collaboration between Elon Local News' Alex Hager and The Pendulum's Tommy Hamzik and Sarah Wood Society is in a continual struggle with the crime of innocence, according to Pulitzer Prize winner and Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr. He called race in America, also the title of his speech, a "big, scary topic" and that there's an "accepted script" the nation follows in incidents where a "brown person is singled out treatment that's harsh out of proportion based on the threat." There was the time 41 years ago, when Pitts walked out of a University of Southern California dormitory aside a white man, and Pitts was asked if he knew anything about a stolen bike.

NEWS 9/22/15 3:15pm

Religion’s lack of authenticity causing lack of influence in American society

Nearly three-quarters of the public think that religion is losing influence in American life. According to a recent poll by Pew Research Center that number rose 5 percentage points since 2010, and the majority of people see that as a bad thing. “A religion as defined in this particular survey has to do with the worship of a deity with a set of rituals with an agreed upon set of moral laws,” said Anthony Hatcher, Associate Professor of Communications at Elon University.

NEWS 9/22/15 10:18am

WSOE show The Focal Point sheds light on global issues

Wedged between a segment on French music and billboard hits, junior Oly Zayac strives to spark conversations surrounding global issues one Sunday night at a time. The Focal Point, the WSOE program she helps lead, pursues one goal: addressing national and international issues.

NEWS 9/21/15 5:15pm

Campus reacts to Presidential Task Force findings

For years there has been a lot of conversation, both privately and publicly, about the divide of race and experiences on Elon's campus. Now, because of the results from the Presidential Task Force on Black Student, Faculty and Staff Experiences, the campus has solid data to back the claims that for a significant portion of Elon's Black students, faculty and staff, feels that Elon can be a drastically different place than their non-Black peers and colleagues. [youtube=] The task force is made up of alumni, students, faculty and staff and its goal is to implement policies and practices to make Elon more supportive and inclusive of the black community. Results gave insight and recommendations to issues like safety, inclusivity and overall community interactions.

NEWS 9/21/15 5:00pm

A refreshing take on alcohol consumption

CAMPUSPEAK’s Lori Hart ended her talk, “A Few Too Many: Our Campus Culture of Alcohol,” with one crucial piece of advice: “Use [your bowels] as any excuse to get out of an uncomfortable drug-related situation.” “Let’s be real,” Hart said, “No one has ever looked at a friend and said, ‘Stay, we’ll clean up your [expletive].’” Students filled Elon University’s Whitley Auditorium Sept.

NEWS 9/21/15 4:38pm

President Obama announces changes to FAFSA application

Though his days in office are numbered, President Obama rolled out a new piece of legislation this week during a speech in Des Moines, Iowa. In order to make it easier for prospective college students apply for financial aid, President Obama announced a series of minor amendments to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) program. [youtube=] In past years, in some cases, the FAFSA has not become available until after the college application deadline.

NEWS 9/21/15 2:44pm

How to become a morning person

The infamous morning person. We all know one. Sitting at the front of the room in your 8 a.m. class, answering every question with energy and unnecessary enthusiasm.