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Freshman Class Election Results

The Student Government Association held freshman class elections Sept. 9-10. The results are as follows: Freddy Suppes - President Kyle Porro - Vice President Shelby Allen - Secretary Prateek Patel - Treasurer Kenneth Obi - Senator Elyse Ruppert - Senator Mark McGann - Senator

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More Than 700 Bricks Stolen on Campus

It's only been three weeks into the fall semester, and already more than 700 bricks went missing from the pathways and sidewalks on Elon's campus. Some call it an innocent tradition, but others, a criminal offense. Danieley Center Resident Assistant Kelle-Anne Gecawich isn't a fan of the tradition. "One of reasons why I hate it when bricks are being stolen, is the fact that when they are found, we have to carry them," Gecawich said. Upperclassmen share their views on the tradition as well. Senior Village resident Ben Perron chooses not to steal bricks because it goes against what he considers moral. Perron referenced the Bible, concerning especially the teachings of Jesus Christ. Senior Jimmy Stevenson chooses not to steal them because of the dangers that loose and missing bricks can cause when riding bicycles or skateboards. "If you go over ground where missing bricks are, you can face plant," Stevenson said. Stevenson then made reference to unfortunate personal experiences the tradition has caused him. Elon Campus Safety and Police are penalizing offenders with fines, and second time offenders can receive misdemeanor charges.

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Escalating crisis in Syria evokes discussion of legal, moral responsibilities

A panel of experts came together Sept. 11 at Elon University to discuss the alleged use of chemicals weapons ordered by Syrian President Bashar Assad and what the United States, and the world, should do about the ongoing conflict there. Haya Ajjan, a native Syrian on the "Crisis in Syria: Prospects and Perspectives" panel said she lived in fear all her life in Syria.

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Historical Torah is Brought to Elon

The Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah celebrates a new year, when Jews reflect on their lives through the teachings of the Torah, and according to Hillel Development and Jewish Life Associate Ginny Vellani, the Torah is "special." "The Jews respect the Torah like it was a person," Vellani said. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> But the Torah isn't read like your average book; they are carefully written out, letter by letter, with a special Hebrew calligraphy. "That person trains their entire life to have the skills to write a Torah," Vellani said.

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Underage Drinking Rights

Underage drinking is a common issue on college campuses and sometimes Elon students are unsure how to react when approached by a police officer, especially if they've been drinking underage. Here are some things to think about when it comes to students knowing their rights. "When an officer actually says 'hey stop' or "let me ask you a few questions,' you're not free to leave," Kristina Marshall, an attorney in Graham, N.C., said. But there are some situations where it's fine to walk away. "If an officer comes up to you when you're just hanging out and says 'Hey how about the Phoenix... how about your classes,' you're still free to go," Marshall said.

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Campus Recreation installs new gym equipment in accordance with improvement plan

Elon University’s Stewart Fitness Center has changed — but not by way of adding additional floors this time. This summer, Campus Recreation installed several new pieces of equipment in accordance with the fitness equipment replacement plan. “We had equipment that was anywhere from 10 to 19 years old,” said Peter Tulchinsky, director of Campus Recreation at Elon.

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SGA Swears In New Sophomore Class Leaders

Elon's Student Government Association swore in three new members on Thursday to replace three sophomore class members who resigned over the summer. Former Sophomore Class Vice President Ruth Robinson, Class Secretary Natasha Schettini and Senator Conor Janda all resigned over the summer. SGA was not given reasons for their resignations, and all three refused to comment when contacted. Students Matthew Crehan, Madison Gosselin and Brittany Armstead

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Third Time is a Charm: Men's Soccer Goes for a 3-Peat.

Some sports teams never make it to a championship, much less win it. But, for the Elon Men's Soccer team, winning the "big game" has become a custom. For the past two seasons, Elon finished first in the Southern Conference, most recently defeating Wofford with a 2-1 score to claim the 2012 title. The team looks for much of the same heading into the fall 2013 season. "We're feeling good about it (winning the title)," junior Goal-Keeper Nathan Dean said.

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Global Village Construction Update

Although construction on the Global Village continues, buildings four and five are completed. These buildings are currently housing learning communities such as the International Learning-Living community and the Spanish Learning-Living community. Regular dormitories are also located in these building and will house mostly first year students.

NEWS 8/27/13 11:13pm

Is Elon The Most Beautiful College Campus?

If you've been on Facebook lately, odds are you saw an article by listing Elon as the most beautiful college campus. The list ranks Elon above Kenyon College, Sewanee: The University of the South and Pepperdine University. Elon has been at the top of the list since 2011. "Everyone was so excited Elon was the number one most beautiful campus," Associate Professor of Computing Sciences, Dr. Megan Squire said.

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Elon Businesses Closing

"We didn't have enough local business to stay open," Chris Russell owner of Town Table and College Street Taphouse, said. Both businesses closed their doors over the summer for economic reasons, even though they were hotspots just outside of Elon's campus. Though it wasn't the summer that closed the restaurant and bar, it did not help Russell.