NEWS 1/7/13 11:15pm

Holly's Holidays

Fears of falling off the fiscal cliff were expected to hurt holiday sales. But locally, that was not the case. The management at Holly Hill Mall in Burlington says that sales were better this holiday season than in recent years. Samantha Story, a sales associate at Fashion Express in Holly Hill Mall says she was very surprised by the holiday turn out. "They were super busy all the time, like the entire store was filled with people," Story said. The same was true at other stores. Levarrick Enoch, Manager of the Burlington Brands, said his store had a great holiday season. "This year we really ran through those numbers, almost doubled the numbers to be honest with you, so the parking lot was full every night," Enoch said. Holly Hill Mall management says the success is due to many new stores brought to the mall by new ownership.

NEWS 1/7/13 12:09pm

Spring Convocation for Honors Speakers

Elon Local News has learned that along with founder and Executive Director of Interfaith Youth Core Eboo Patel, several other notable religious and spiritual figures will be attending the Convocation for Honors on April 30. Along with starting the interfaith movement in Chicago, Eboo Patel also wrote the book, Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim.

NEWS 12/21/12 1:27pm

DOJ files civil rights suit against Alamance County Sheriff

The United States Department of Justice filed a civil rights lawsuit against Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson Thursday, after he was faced with allegations of racial profiling and discrimination. The lawsuit claims that Johnson has violated the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments and Section 14141 of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which guard against unreasonable search and seizure and guarantee due process. The DOJ has investigated the Sheriff's Office since 2009, and on Sept.

NEWS 12/6/12 3:17pm

No-Contact Order Filed Against Alexis Gray

Elon Local News worked with The Pendulum to obtain a no-contact order for stalking or nonconsensual sexual conduct filed against Alexis Gray on December 3. Gray, the 18-year-old who Elon administrators say arrived armed on campus on November 25, is the ex-girlfriend of current Elon student, Greg Seelagy.

NEWS 12/6/12 3:14pm

Gray "Uses Suicide as a Threat"

Elon Local News has obtained copies of the domestic violence protective order against Alexis Gray, taken out by her ex-boyfriend, Elon student Greg Seelagy. In the document, Gray is ordered not to "assault, threaten, abuse, follow, harass...or interfere" with Seelagy. Seelagy wrote in the court order Gray contacted him, asking him to meet her for what would take "only five minutes". After Seelagy refused, Gray threatened to commit suicide if he did not show up, according to the complaint. "She has made these threats frequently for years," Seelagy wrote in the complaint.

NEWS 11/28/12 10:48am

Business students buy real world experience: Senior fellows manage investment portfolio with portion of university endowment

At a university where engaged learning is a primary focus, finding the means to manage an investment portfolio as an undergraduate can be a difficult task for students aspiring to be professionals in the financial services industry. But such an opportunity is afforded to a select group of students at Elon University — the business fellows — some of which selected the school largely for the portfolio management program. David Campbell, a senior double major in finance and accounting, was one of those students attracted to Elon because of the opportunity to manage a portion of the university’s endowment. Campbell is one of eight business fellows enrolled in the two-semester senior investment course.

NEWS 11/20/12 10:49am

Gauging Obamacare

Home | In the Medical Field | Religion & Healthcare | Voting Elon community's perspective on the Health Care Reform Act Home In the Medical Field Opinions Religion & Healthcare Voting About this website In light of the recent election, this report analyzes the extent to which healthcare affects the Elon community.

NEWS 11/5/12 3:12pm

NC deadlocked, but donations to presidential candidates flowing freely

Time’s running out, but the cam- paigns for President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney have not stopped fighting for their shares of electoral votes in the swing states. North Carolina is one of the battle- ground states that’s been pegged as “lean- ing Republican,” but there’s no way to tell which way the state will actual- ly vote until tomorrow, Election Day. If campaign donations were any indica- tion, Obama would take the state by a land- slide, as he raised more than $1.1 million here in September alone, while Romney pulled in less than $500,000.