LIFESTYLE 5/16/17 3:00pm

Hitting the road for homelessness

In 2014, 39.8 million United States households, more than a third of all, were housing cost-burdened, according to the Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies. The U.S. Conference of Mayors has cited affordable housing as the leading cause of homelessness. To raise awareness for this issue, after graduation senior Jack Pasi will hit the road with his girlfriend Charolotte Robin in a 48-square-foot tiny home on an 11,000 mile cross-country journey towed by 2005 Honda Pilot in a project called “Coast to Coast, Cote a Cote.”

LIFESTYLE 5/3/17 3:00pm

Multi-faith scholars spark conversation

Sophomore Sophie Zinn considers herself as the person in her friend group that is constantly encouraging others to talk about religion, a subject that she is very passionate about and that she believes is not talked about as much. "It’s not really in the public sphere of college life or America in general as something that’s positive," Zinn said.

LIFESTYLE 5/3/17 2:00am

Everyone’s favorite sweet spot

There are 5,189 miles between Elon, North Carolina, and Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The time difference is 4 hours, and Abidjan has a population of 4.7 million, about 4.69 million more people than there are in the town of Elon.

LIFESTYLE 4/26/17 8:02am

Jerusalem native to bring Mediterranean cuisine to Downtown Elon

A Jerusalem native, Jamil Kadoura, came to the United States in 1978 to fulfill his American dream and learn business management. “I started as a dishwasher actually when I was a student,” Jamil Kadoura, owner of Mediterranean Deli, Bakery and Catering in Chapel Hill said, “ I started getting promotions to assistant cook then assistant chef and sous chef.

LIFESTYLE 4/18/17 4:50pm

Creating a home away from home: Sylvia Munoz's journey from Costa Rica to Elon University

Sylvia Munoz hadn’t encountered “space” until she first came to the United States in 1994. Back in San Jose, Costa Rica, her hometown, she lived with her family of seven in a house adjacent to all her closest friends — her cousins. At any given moment, her home was guaranteed to be full of excitement with either the noise of her sister and three brothers, her parents or her extended family members.

LIFESTYLE 4/12/17 6:22pm

Sophomore brings social justice to Elon

“I’m from Westchester, New York, my major is human services and I have minors in Spanish, theater, and poverty and social justice.” For many people this may seem like a mouthful of an introduction, but to sophomore Amy Belfer it’s the norm.

LIFESTYLE 4/12/17 11:22am

Elon Eats: Spicing Up the Burlington Cuisine

While driving around the Burlington area, it is easy to spy the handful of American chain restaurants like Panera, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, take your pick of Mexican cuisine at La Cocina or La Fiesta, but it is a bit tricky to find authentic Indian cuisine-- until now.

LIFESTYLE 4/5/17 5:00pm

Carnegie Hall presents: The Shirley Tempos

For the Shirley Tempos, one of Elon University’s female a cappella groups, the members never imagined scoring an opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City. However, their dreams will soon become a reality Sunday, April 14 when they will perform in Total Vocal, a contemporary a cappella music concert in Midtown Manhattan, with Deke Sharon, the father of contemporary a cappella who created the event.  In this performance, 14 of the 16 Shirley Tempos members will sing four songs, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, “Put on a Happy Face”, “Summertime” and “We Are Home”, while also enjoying arrangements from cast members of the movie Pitch Perfect. In order to receive this opportunity, president of Shirley Tempos Sabrina Campelo ’18 took the initiative.