LIFESTYLE 10/30/16 1:58pm

Annual Pumpkin festival brings in autumn

October has blown past, and the season of autumn has arrived. The time has come for pumpkins, cider and the changing of leaves. On Friday, the Garden Club hosted its annual pumpkin festival, bringing many of Elon’s students together. Everyone enjoyed the festivities, whether it was pumpkin carving, decorating cookies, or playing composting games.

LIFESTYLE 10/24/16 10:19pm

Students film biggest budgeted movie in Elon’s history over Fall Break

Over the span of nine days, 37 Elon University students were running around with cameras, props and actors, spending around 13 hours a day filming “Providence,” a short film written and directed by senior Kenner Clark. Taking place in a rural college town in North Carolina, “Providence” follows four characters that become entangled in a crime of passion and how a deteriorating relationship reaches its breaking point in 36 hours.

LIFESTYLE 10/22/16 11:37am

Taking Scotland by storm, song

When Elon first-year Jess Avellino was a child, she was “obsessed” with Willy Wonka. Now she's a published screenwriter--her musical "Black Heart" was performed in Scotland this past summer. 

LIFESTYLE 10/11/16 10:37am

Film series to help educate community on difficult issues

Through their partnership with Crossroads, an Elon class is helping to educate the Burlington community on important issues through film. Crossroads is a sexual assault response and resource center and child advocacy center that was established 40 years ago.  With offices only minutes away from campus, Crossroads provides a 24/7 crisis hotline as well as trained advocates for victims of sexual assault. “That’s where we provide really valuable services,” said Julie Budd, volunteer and outreach coordinator for the center.

LIFESTYLE 10/1/16 8:32pm

Bringing together the art of politics and comedy

            This week, the Elon community will have a chance to see “an amazing play that most Americans have never heard of,” according to Kevin Otos, the director of Memorandum—a play by Václav Havel and this year’s fall production.             Many people know Havel, the native of Czechoslovakia, as a politician.  He was largely opposed to the communist domination in Czechoslovakia.

LIFESTYLE 9/29/16 8:53am

Dancers to perform first show of the season

Throughout the week, students have been stretching on stairs and doing pirouettes on the sidewalks of Global Neighborhood. Turing the heads of onlookers, they've actually gotten a sneak peek of "Dancing in the Landscape," a performing arts production that will utilize the sites of campus on Oct. 1 at noon in Love Terrance. 

LIFESTYLE 9/27/16 5:00pm

1st year, 1st audition, 1st musical

The Department of Performing Arts will be presenting the musical “Parade” in November. All of the Musical Theatre students, including first-year students, already auditioned and some of them got cast for the musical.  The audition for “Parade” was the first-year students’ first audition.

LIFESTYLE 9/27/16 7:58am

Baritone singer Cory Schtanz performs at Elon

An evening of music, focusing on a variety of classical genres including opera, oratorio and musical theater, by baritone singer Cory Schtanz and pianist Brian Osborn, will help expose audiences to a different type of classical music at a vocal recital, September 27 at 7:30 p.m.

LIFESTYLE 9/25/16 3:28pm

Heroes for the Open Door Clinic

A group of six women who call themselves the “Hardcore Moms,” were clad in Wonderwoman and Superman T-shirts and capes with a picture of their trainer, stood outside Elon University’s Physician Assistant (PA) school, waiting to run the “Great Cape Escape Race.” As a buzzer went off at 9:40 a.m.


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