NEWS 9/3/14 6:02pm

Give me just a little more time

Not only are students in high school dealing with acne, first crushes and relationships, as well as drastic changes to their bodies, they are also thrown into a new academic and social environment.  In case that was not enough to deal with, during their senior year they have to decide where they want to spend the next four years of their lives studying. As a current senior in college, I look back and realize I could have used a little more time to figure out what I wanted from my college experience.

NEWS 8/8/14 3:18pm

Shedding light on acceptance

On Thursday, I lost my best friend for the last 13 years, my dog Sadie. I was at my internship when I got a text from my dad asking me to give the house a call when I was home.

NEWS 7/21/14 3:10pm

Pride March another step for equality

Looking back through the history of our country, numerous instances of social wrongdoings and oppression can be listed.  From the Civil Rights Movement to the fight for women’s equality, the U.S.

NEWS 7/14/14 11:08am

Summering at Elon

When I decided to stay at Elon University for the summer, I was expecting to be fairly bored. I've never been the type of person who enjoys sitting around doing nothing, but since most of my friends are living the glamorous intern life in Munich or New York or Los Angeles, I resigned myself to a life of work, sleep and television. But within a week of arriving, I began to realize that this summer might not be as boring as I thought. I soon ran into an acquaintance of mine from freshman year.

NEWS 7/3/14 1:20pm

Heart of a patriot: Your government and you

My heart pumps patriotism through every vein. I embrace American ideals and values at the core of my composition. As a military child, my sense of patriotism is particularly acute.  My experiences in the United States and abroad have contributed to my heightened sense of loyalty to my country.  Although America is not perfect, it is the best country in the world. Yet today, a distinct dissatisfaction with our country seems to have settled.  Why are we so troubled to be Americans? Former President John F.

NEWS 6/30/14 4:39pm

‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’ changed my perspective of hunger

In my world, food is like oxygen: It’s everywhere and always present. At home it’s a flight of stairs away in a large, climate-controlled pantry or refrigerator. With my meal plan at school I have over eight dining locations to choose from on a daily basis from the time I wake up until 1 a.m. I never go into Lakeside Dining Hall or Acorn Coffee Shop hoping there will be enough food to satisfy my hunger.

NEWS 5/18/14 3:09pm

The Last Word: One big accident

To look back at how I started at Elon University, it almost seems like an accident. I had always hated the news growing up, because it seemed as if there was nothing good ever going on in the world.

NEWS 4/11/14 2:08pm

Gun control starts with mental health care

A recent shooting at Fort Hood in Texas left three dead and 16 wounded before the shooter turned the gun on himself, fueling a debate on gun control and mental health on military bases. Specialist Ivan Lopez bought a .45 caliber handgun before bringing the weapon onto the base, violating military protocol because the weapon was not registered there.

NEWS 4/11/14 2:06pm

Political correctness has gone too far

In a world where an NFL team name perpetuates a 24-hour debate, organizations are kicked off college campuses for themed parties being “insensitive,” and New York City school boards try to ban the word “dinosaur” for fear of offending those who do not believe in evolution, political correctness, or “being PC” has gone way too far. Political correctness deems certain topics, ideas, expressions and even symbols off-limits.

NEWS 3/19/14 8:50pm

Support Knox, not act

By now, many of us have heard of Belle Knox, a Duke University student who proudly and unapologetically self-identifies as a porn star.

NEWS 3/19/14 2:35pm

When opportunity Knox

Earlier this year, a freshman at Duke University was outed to the school, and later to the rest of the country, for acting in adult films to pay her tuition. Media outlets flocked to the story.

NEWS 3/13/14 3:34pm

Homeless, not hopeless at Elon

Being homeless is not something you usually want to admit. For most people, it’s not even on their radar, but it is an issue that needs more awareness on the Elon University campus.