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NEWS 4/25/12 12:57pm

Costa Rica grapples with inept drug laws

The world’s first international effort to make drugs illegal began more than 100 years ago. Great Britain had recently fought with China to secure opium trading. Many other attempts with inherent consequences followed.

NEWS 3/8/12 1:26pm

Costa Rica enjoys economic stability

In Latin America, many regard the United States as somewhat of a colossus to the North. Symbols of red, white and blue have long contrasted with cultural and political ideals south of the border due to heritage and customs. Today, if nations are to effectively collaborate, it is most often on the waves of an economic current. This idea is no less true in Costa Rica, the small Central American nation ranked No.

NEWS 2/6/12 11:37am

Culture Shock: Preparing for a semester of new experiences, lifestyles

How very little do I know of the world! Costa Rica, one of the few countries to have abolished its army, to pioneer a compulsory sense of environmental preservation (to view a lush environment as an economic asset is relatively exceptional) and to project in its cultural identity firstly the virtues of humanness and kinship, says how much indeed.