Tim Melton

Tim Melton is a columnist for the Pendulum. He comes from the small town of Mooresville, NC, and is an English major with concentrations in Creative Writing and Literature. When not writing or trying to figure out the science behind "Sharknado," Tim can often be found coming up with comebacks to conversations he had the previous day.

Tim Melton is a columnist for The Pendulum. He comes from Mooresville, North Carolina, and is an English major with concentrations in Creative Writing and Literature. When not writing or trying to figure out the science behind "Sharknado," Tim can often be found coming up with comebacks to conversations he had the previous day.

Recent Articles

Studying abroad is worth the risk

5/5/16 8:30am

Ever since its first trip to England in 1969, Elon’s study abroad program has steadily risen in popularity, and is today considered an essential cornerstone in the Elon identity.

Be open to using your resources

4/17/16 9:00am

It seems hard to believe, but we’re already approaching the end of spring semester. While the yearning dreams of summer may already be fresh in our minds, it’s time once again for the annual onslaught of exams and final projects.

Free speech protests at Emory demonstrate necessity of civil conversation

4/7/16 10:00am

It’s been an interesting couple weeks for Emory University. After chalk messages supporting Republican frontrunner Donald Trump appeared on various walkways of the Atlanta university, a number of conservative students responded with anti-Trump protests, believing the messages represented a legitimate threat to their safety and to the state of inclusivity at their campus.

Midterms deserve respect, not stress

3/1/16 2:04pm

Just one month into the new semester, we’re naturally inclined to consider not how far we’ve come, but how far we still have to go. Nevertheless, some professors are already starting to drop the dreaded warning: “Pay attention — this could be on the midterm.” It’s scary but true. Midterms will be here before we know it, and it’s our responsibility to be ready for them. But how much stress is too much?

Safety, respectful behavior in living spaces deserves greater priority

2/28/16 11:50am

Having spent my last three years as a student here at Elon, I was sure for the longest time that nothing more about college living could faze me. Granted, the initial transition from living at home to a more independent lifestyle was difficult, but after so much time, I figured I was already well-accustomed to the various eccentricities of living in close quarters with hundreds of college students. 

Indifference to national politics can't be the norm

2/14/16 3:06pm

If you had asked me about a year ago for my opinions on America’s political climate, I might have scoffed and shook my head. While I’ve never been entirely apathetic when it comes to politics — there have always been prominent social issues that I have followed the political responses to — I could never bring myself to take an active interest.

Encourage bus service for more opportunities for students

10/6/15 7:00pm

Recently, the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART) has established a new express bus route running between Greensboro and Chapel Hill: Route 4, or the Alamance Burlington line. As the name might imply, this bus route has a stop in local Burlington — the Alamance Regional Medical Center (ARMC) — only about four miles from campus.

Academic writing doesn't define you as a writer

9/29/15 3:35pm

But having been at it for a few months now, I feel like I’ve learned something about myself, my fellow students and the state of academic writing at Elon: Writing will still be important after college. Academic writing won’t be.

Focus less on grades, more on learning

9/21/15 6:42pm

If we apply ourselves to academics with the intention to acquire knowledge, good grades should naturally follow. But by taking the easy route now and only applying ourselves for the immediate reward, we are only enhancing the challenges we’ll face the moment we leave campus.

Upperclassmen want more SGA engagement

9/14/15 10:35pm

Last week was a big one for Elon University’s SGA. If any incoming Elon freshmen were unaware of SGA’s existence, the recent election of officers for the Class of 2019 and Thursday’s Call to Honor ceremony certainly made its presence known — to younger students.

Focus on Elon's qualities other than aesthetic

9/7/15 7:12pm

By placing our confidence in the deeper qualities that make Elon such an attractive school, we can instead build lasting relationships with our students, new, old and incoming, one that keeps them coming back for more.