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NEWS 10/23/15 11:32am

A night with Taylor Swift

After what seemed to be the longest week ever, the day my roommates and I had been waiting for all week finally came. The Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour was stopping in Greensboro, and we had three seats in section 126 with our names on it.

NEWS 9/29/15 2:19pm

Gigi Hadid speaks out against body shaming

It is no surprise that Gigi Hadid has class and dignity on top of her dazzling looks. On Monday, Gigi released a statement on Instagram that captured her raw emotions and feelings towards the negative comments she receives on social media about her looks and figure. “These are obviously also people that don’t think of you as an actual human with actual feelings, which I think is a really big problem right now in social media,” Gigi told Vogue.com exclusively. “There are people who feel like they’re able to hide behind their usernames and their private accounts, who feel like they can say whatever they want and it won’t affect anyone.

NEWS 9/23/15 11:19am

No funny business here: Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll call it quits

Comedians, Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll are done after two years of dating.  US Weekly reported that the couple simply couldn't make it work due to their busy schedules, a source exclusively told US Weekly.  "Unfortunately, they just couldn't make the relationship work with their schedules," said one insider to the magazine who was close with both comedians.  Amy and Nick's love couldn't last because of their constantly busy schedules.  "They really tried, but it just wasn't realistic anymore," adds the source.

NEWS 9/8/15 11:52am

Tom Brady addresses divorce rumors with Gisele Bündchen

Tom Brady finally addressed divorce rumors with model, Gisele Bundchen on Tuesday. The rumors have been circulating the media since Tom's deflategate scandal. The New England Patriots Quarterback told Boston radio station WEEI, "We're in a great place... There's no bigger supporter I have than her." The handsome and powerful couple have been the center of news recently due to rumors that a seperation was in the works.

NEWS 7/31/15 12:07pm

Gisele Bündchen wore a burqa and people are not happy

Gisele wore a burqa to visit Paris and secretly got $11,000 worth of plastic surgery on Wednesday. Photos of the supermodel show her failed attempt to hide from the paparazzi in a burqa as she stepped into a plastic surgery clinic in Paris, France. Pictures on June 30th also surfaced and show Bündchen walking into the same clinic.

NEWS 7/29/15 12:49pm

An awkward interview for all

“Good Day Sacramento” hosts were not very pleased with Cara Delevingne’s responses to their interview questions regarding Cara’s new film, “Paper Towns.” The interview started with one of the hosts mispronouncing Cara’s name as Carla, which was just the beginning of one of the most cringe-worthy interviews we’ve seen in a while. After the first question was fired, Cara was ready to respond with a little zing. “I never read the book or the script, actually, I just kind of winged it,” Cara said, before complimenting author John Green. The team eventually had enough before one of the anchors asked if she was in a bad mood or if it was just them. “No, I think it’s just you,” a confused and laughing Cara responded. Before ending the interview, the “Good Day” host suggested the actress “take a little nap, or maybe get a Red Bull,” as Cara whispered under her breath, “Too far.” Holy awkward!

NEWS 7/23/15 12:58pm

Swift surrenders

Monday night, a twitter feud broke out between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. The back-and-forth tweets began when Nicki wasn’t too happy that her video, “Anaconda,” wasn't nominated for Video of the Year at this year’s Video Music Awards (VMAs). Loyal fans to both Taylor and Nicki got involved, as well as Taylor’s biggest enemy — Katy Perry.

NEWS 7/23/15 12:56pm

Chris Brown finds himself in some trouble

Chris Brown is currently stuck in the Philippines because of a contract dispute. Chris was supposed to leave on his private jet Wednesday morning and head to Hong Kong for a concert, but he was stopped at Manila’s international airport. According to cnn.com, “The Philippine Department of Justice said that an order had been issued Tuesday night to stop any attempts by Brown, 26, to leave the country.” Chris owes promoters money after he failed to appear last New Year’s Eve for a scheduled appearance.

NEWS 5/24/14 4:36pm

The six best fashion apps and websites

Social media has taken over our lives on many different levels of communication. Whether we are checking our Instagram feeds, Twitter, or updating our online closets, the information is endless, and we constantly need it. Apps and websites have become crucial parts of our daily lives.

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