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Burlington works to bounce back

9/3/15 8:00pm

Visitors to downtown Burlington will likely see housing and more restaurants in the area soon, thanks to the input from two surveys. One was conducted by the Burlington Downtown Corporation in fall 2013 and amassed 235 respondents.

Elon Center in Shanghai opens for business students

8/26/15 8:55am

This fall, 16 Elon University students will study at the new Elon Center in Shanghai.  The center’s program, geared toward business majors, will provide students with the chance to learn about the economy of the world’s most populous country.  For the new program, Elon partnered with the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), a study abroad organization, to create custom course offerings.

Homeless and hopeful below the Alamance County poverty line

3/24/15 4:40pm

The human face of homelessness “It’s been rough as far as our family because we can’t stay together in the building,” Vickers said. he has a six-month-old baby girl, Allie, who she wants to raise in a safe environment, but unemployment has made that difficult. “[Day to day], we apply for jobs and more or less try to keep her entertained and hopefully try to get out of there as soon as we can,” Vickers said. “It’s been a struggle.”

LGBTQIA Businesses in NC are Open

11/6/14 3:30pm

North Carolina, like the United States at large, has gone through an unprecedented change in the past decades when it comes to attitudes toward people who identify as LGBTQIA.

Millennials detached from politics, religion, study finds

3/17/14 8:30pm

Millennials, the term coined for the emerging youth generation between the ages of 18-33 in 2014, are detached from political parties and organized religion, according to the results from a Pew Research Center study. The study, released March 7, also found Millennials are more connected to social networks and other technologies than past generations. The study was based on a survey of 1,821 adults, including 617 Millennials, and was conducted in Febuary.

Alaska program offers new opportunities

2/12/14 11:09pm

After they complete final exams this spring semester, some Elon University students will abandon the continental United States and embark on the course to an internship program in Alaska. The Elon in Alaska program, adapted from a course that has been periodically offered for about a decade, now includes an 8-10-week internship component in 2014.

Colonnades residents expand their global palates at residence life event

1/30/14 4:55pm

Colonnades residents sampled food and experienced traditions from over a dozen countries at Wednesday night’s “Walk around the World.” At the event, residents braved the cold to visit themed common rooms on the floors of each Colonnades building. At the event, students ate Belgian waffles, drank Turkish coffee, received Brazilian somba dance lessons and learned facts about the Philippines. Attendees received Phoenix Passports, which were stamped at each floor.