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Activist by day, mother by night

10/9/17 6:28pm

Elon University students have always been part of a busy campus culture. Students often have to balance classes, meetings and working on-campus jobs. Citlaly Mora felt these pressures while she was a student at Elon just a few years ago. The Elon alumna graduated in 2016, and had to balance all of the above — and more.

Eating at Elon: Meal Plan Breakdown

8/25/17 11:52am

An essential part of Elon student life is deciding on a meal plan that will sustain the student for the school year ahead. There are various meal plans that Elon provides for its students that gives them access to dining halls, retail locations, and a few other perks.

SPDC Introduces Big Interview

4/11/17 12:24am

In late March, the Student Professional Development Center (SPDC) introduced a new resource for students to use before their upcoming interviews for jobs and internships. 

Latest parking lot sparks curiosity among Elon Elementary

3/7/17 8:00pm

Elon University is continuing to grow its campus with the expansion of the Love School of Business and the Schar Center. Its latest expansion effort can be seen with the construction of a new parking lot adjacent to the McMichael Building. The parking lot is set to have 165 parking spaces available for faculty, staff and visitors, according to Dan Anderson, vice president of University Communications. It will replace some existing parking spaces between the Colonnades Neighborhood and McMichael. The spaces being eliminated will be used for Sankey Hall. The construction of the parking lot is set to be complete by the end of the 2017 spring semester, which is when Sankey Hall will begin to be built.

'The Black Man in America' course helps bring diverse students together in classroom

2/4/17 6:52pm

Elon University started a conversation of diversity years ago and it is still implemented now more than ever considering the state of the country. Approached two years ago by the administration, Damion Blake, assistant professor of political science and policy studies, introduced the course, “The Black Man in America,” to Elon’s curriculum last year. Police brutality towards African Americans has been a point of contention in the U.S.