Paige Pauroso

Paige Pauroso, from Williamsburg, is a Senior Reporter for Elon News Network. She is a Broadcast Journalism major. 

Recent Articles

Non-profit lists local Alamance County organization as a hate group

2/21/17 9:09am

A local Alamance County organization has been listed as a neo-confederate hate group by the  Southern Poverty Law Center. The group ACTBAC, which stands for "Alamance County taking back Alamance County, was founded on the principles of preserving the southern heritage and having southern pride.

Racial slurs yelled at Elon student Tuesday night

11/16/16 4:15pm

On Tuesday evening between 8:45 p.m. and 10 p.m., a female Elon student had racial slurs yelled at her from a vehicle while walking on campus between the Inman Admissions Welcome Center and the Koury Business Center, according to Dean of Students Smith Jackson and Vice President of University Communications Dan Anderson

PAUROSO: Under the Oaks or Bust

10/12/16 5:24pm

I remember when I first toured Elon University. I walked through campus, the North Carolina sunlight poking through the giant oak trees, and I realized that I was meant to be an Elon student.

Elon remembers 9/11

9/11/16 5:22pm

The Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life held a 9/11 Interfaith Service Sunday to honor those who died during the September 11 terrorist attacks 15 years ago. The service started with music and multi-faith prayers and reflections led by Muslim Life coordinator Imam Shane Atkinson, Reverend Adam Shoemaker of Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter, Associate Chaplan of Protestant Life Reverend Dr. Joel Harter and Associate Chaplin of Jewish Life Rabbi Meir Goldstein.

DOJ drops lawsuit against Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson

8/19/16 3:44pm

GRAHAM -- Sheriff Terry Johnson and the Alamance County Sheriff's Office held a news conference Friday to speak publicly about the settlement reached that led the Department of Justice to drop its lawsuit against the Office. Almost a year ago, Federal Judge Thomas Schroeder released a 253-page document dismissing the federal lawsuit against the department, which the DOJ initially appealed. "It feels like a million pounds has been lifted off me, it has restored my faith," Johnson said. The lawsuit began in December of 2012 Sheriff Johnson and his office were accused of racially profiling and targeting Latinos since 2007.

Police presence felt on third day of RNC

7/20/16 9:02pm

CLEVELAND – Protesters flocked here the past three days to voice their opinions. Different groups are speaking their mind on religion, foreign policy, LGBT issues and more seemingly all day long.

Young people attend Republican National Convention

7/18/16 7:04pm

CLEVELAND — The Republican National Convention started Monday with many young people in attendance representing the Grand Old Party. Cassie Unruh, 17, said she “loves being part of the Republican Party,” especially now that she’s “actually old enough to care.” Unruh has attended conventions since she was born.