Olivia Zayas Ryan

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Grading the greek effect: The effects of Greek affiliation on academic performance

5/3/17 7:00am

A study published last month in the Economics of Education Review journal titled “The effects of Greek affiliation on academic performance,” quantified and analyzed the effects of fraternity and sorority affiliation on academic performance, and the results are applicable to Elon University. The study occurred at Duke University, which has a deferred recruitment policy similar to Elon’s.

Elon Eats: Warm atmosphere at Filament Coffee and Tea

3/1/17 8:00am

Something about the twinkling lights across the ceiling and local art hanging from the walls make Filament Coffee + Tea feel like home. Less than 30 minutes west of Elon University in downtown Mebane, Filament is a cozy cafe dedicated to serving fresh coffee, tea and pastries, as well as showcasing the work of local artisans. One of Filament’s baristas, Karly Thomas, said that the cafe attracts a variety of customers, making it an interesting place to spend your time. “One of the things I love is the diversity of the people that come in,” she said.