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Illegal and Unidentified

9/30/15 1:53pm

On the last Friday in September, Father Paul stands in front of a small crowd of Latinos and Hispanics at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Burlington. They wait patiently to hear what he has to say. Father Paul welcomes them in heavily accented Spanish, an unwavering smile spread across his face. He switches to English and invites an interpreter to help him with the rest of the information.

Einstein opens to large crowd

8/24/15 12:19pm

By the time Einstein Bros. Bagels opened late Monday morning, the line in Daniel Commons already wrapped around the large wooden table to the back door opening to the newly renovated Danieley Center.

Elon parents donate largest single gift in university's history

12/4/14 2:58pm

This post will be updated as more information becomes available. The Elon University Board of Trustees announced Thursday morning that the university has received its largest single donation in history from the parents of two Elon students. Dwight and Martha Schar, P’16 and P’19, have pledged $12 million for the expansion of the School of Communications and a new multipurpose building that will serve as a central point on campus for national and international speakers, convocation, speeches, rallies and Phoenix Athletics’ events. After the donation, the fundraising campaign for the School of Communications has jumped to $12.1 million, less than $3 million from the goal of $15 million. The latest specifics of the convocation center come from The Elon Commitment Plan of 2009, which outlines the need for a 5,000-seat multipurpose center.

At Elon, 'first-year' has not replaced 'freshman,' university says

11/21/14 7:45pm

Elon University has not banned the use of the word freshman, and there is no policy dictating that the school uses the term “first-year” in place of “freshman,” according to Dan Anderson, vice president of University Communications. The university has received national media attention since a student from Elon reported that the school is dropping the word freshman and replacing it with first year.

Oak House settles in after first month

10/1/14 11:25am

Phil Smith and the staff of The Oak House have started to settle into their routine as the bar and coffee lounge’s opening month on campus draws to a close. The month has gone better than Smith expected, despite some of the challenges that come with running a business.

Alamance County serves up diverse flavors

10/1/14 11:21am

Elon University students and community members explored the cuisine, arts and recreational activities Alamance County has to offer through Welcome to Your Neighborhood, an event sponsored by the Elon Community Church.

Oak House set to open in downtown Elon this week

9/3/14 9:59am

The Oak House, a bar, lounge and community gathering space imagined and co-owned by Phil Smith, is expected to open this week after being delayed two weeks because of pending health inspections and the approval of temporary liquor licenses to serve beer and wine. Despite the delays, Smith is unfazed. “I would have preferred to open when I thought I was going to open,” he said.

Elon professor challenges storytelling assumptions

4/16/14 9:19am

Tom Mould, associate professor of anthropology and sociology, explained in LasRose Digital Theatre Tuesday night how people create, show and change stories through cultural narratives. Mould, the winner of Elon University’s 2013-2014 Distinguished Scholar Award, shared how he stiches stories together from the oral traditions of the Choctaw Indians to the modern-day poverty tales of Alamance County. “The way we create our own world we may not be entirely comfortable with,” Mould said.

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