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Heidi Frontani: More than Just a Teacher

2/29/16 9:55pm

Mentor, teacher, advisor, wife, mother, friend, author, and other titles are just a few ways that the Elon community has described Dr. Heidi Frontani since her death on Friday, February 26. According to Dr. Charles Irons, the Chair of the Department of History and Geography, her passion for each of these roles is what made her special. "Over the last several years she really hit her professional stride.

Stopping fear through education: Eradicating Islamophobia from Elon's campus

2/21/16 3:39pm

Anna Torres-Zeb, the Muslim Life Coordinator at Elon University, reflects on the month of February. "It is the one year anniversary of the Chapel Hill Shootings and so there is definitely a moment of pause in the community to think about these topics of Islamophobia, because we know and so many studies show us, life evident shows us that the more we get to know each other then the more these types of things can be prevented." [youtube=] According to a Pew Research study, knowing a person is correlated to having a positive impression of the religious organization they are a part of.

Presidential Social Task Force listens to student opinions

11/10/15 9:09pm

Students and faculty gathered together on November 10 in the McBride Gathering Space to continue the discussion on the Presidential Social Task Force. Naeemah Clark led the discussion by creating an open forum with students to see what needs the most change.

Body image reflected through a mirror

11/4/15 9:36pm

Body image is a social issue facing the nation. According to, more than 80 percent of 10-year-olds are afraid of being fat. [youtube=] Elon senior, Colby Meagle, is fighting that statistic one mirror at a time.

A "hopping" good time at the Company Shops Market

9/21/15 3:01pm

It was a play on words: the Co-Op hosted the Co-Hops and more than 300 people showed up for the event, the fourth annual Beer Festival on Saturday in downtown Burlington. "It's a lot of work, but when it actually happens, it's worth it," Megan Sharpe, the customers service manager, said. [youtube=] Over the past four years, the planning time has been cut down.

Update on the New School of Communications

11/17/14 3:51am

Danielle Commons isn't the only building awaiting major construction. The fundraising campaign for the new School of Communications is officially one month in, and the Dean of the School of Communications, Paul Parsons, said that 8 out of the 15 million dollars the school wants to raise has already been secured. Parsons said the school is in a good position to raise the remaining 7 million dollars over the next 14 months of campaigning.

Broadway graduate returns to his roots

9/28/14 9:47am

A Broadway performer goes back to his roots to where it all began this past week to give music theatre majors the chance to put on a unique type of show.

Synchronized skating shoots Lauren Snow to the top

2/16/14 11:16pm

While most encounter international competition through TV, one Elon student experienced it firsthand by competing with her synchronized skating team, Skyliners. Lauren Snow, a junior at Elon, began to skate when she was 3 years old and then started Synchronized Skating when she was 5 years old. "It was at my rink, I wanted to get involved with a team sport because I was tired of skating individually and that just seemed like the best fit," Snow said. What started out as a fun event held by her orthodontist turned into hard work and dedication. "I skated thirty hours a week: on ice, ballet training, off-ice training.

Bella's Buddies walk team honors Elon student's sister

10/28/13 6:20pm

Bella is Elon junior Nick Cook's four-year-old sister. Bella Elder was born with Down Syndrome, has had open-heart surgery before turning 5 months old, and was diagnosed with Leukemia. In her honor, Cook put together a Buddy Walk team called Bella's Buddies for three years now.

Elon student carries on the "Newman Legacy"

9/30/13 6:05pm

For most Elon students, celebrating Elon's 125 years is just another milestone. But for one student, it's more. Will Galleher, a senior at Elon, has deep connections to the school.

Chicken is eliminated from Varsity menu

9/2/13 2:54pm

One of the newest changes to Elon Campus Dining that students are noticing is the new menu options at Varsity Sports Grill, or rather, what is no longer an option. Chicken sandwiches, among other items on the Varsity menu can no longer be found on the meal exchange.

Elon leaders give advice at New Student Convocation

8/26/13 1:37am

Families gathered Under the Oaks for Elon University's New Student Convocation on Saturday morning, August 24 . During convocation, first year students were able to gain knowledge from Elon University leaders. Welsford Bishopric, SGA President, told the new students to reflect on their past, but to also work toward their futures. President Leo Lambert also addressed the new students with words of advice. "Practice the arts of tolerance, understanding, and kindness during your days as an Elon student," President Lambert said. Following convocation, new students received their acorns and officially began their journey as Elon students. [div class="aligncenter"][/div]