Maria Barreto

Maria Barreto, from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, ventured to Elon to double minor in Strategic Communications and Psychology and double minor in Spanish and Criminal Justice Studies and is a copy editor at The Pendulum. She has an affinity for classic literature (especially Frankenstein or Sherlock Holmes) and novels written by Douglas Adams and Hunter S. Thompson. Her favorite season is Oscar season, where she takes up permanent residence in front of the big screen munching on Sour Patch Kids.

Recent Articles

BARRETO: It is not enough to simply 'survive'

3/10/17 9:54am

It’s safe to say Elon University brings to mind a specific kind of person — typically someone way over-involved, over-committed and who responds to the question, “How are you?” with “You know...I’m alive.

BARRETO: Recognizing my privilege and fear of misspeaking

9/1/16 8:51pm

Around three years ago, the Black Lives Matter movement began. And for the most part, I’ve stayed silent. I watch the news every day and continuously see acts of institutional racism, and yet say nothing about them. Sure, I’ve shared and liked videos on Facebook that others post, but that is the extent of my action. Or, I guess I should say, inaction. I hear these discussions of white supremacy, but refrain from saying a word.

Summer blockbuster or bust?

5/6/16 11:32am

With the highly anticipated release of Captain America: Civil War at the end of this week, the summer blockbuster season is well underway.

I dropped, and it's going to be OK

2/1/16 8:28pm

Sunday, Jan. 31 concluded the chaotic and tumultuous week that is recruitment. When I first came to Elon, never would I have thought I would be a participant in Greek Life recruitment. But, as I got to know women in various organizations, I realized that all the stereotypes I had established in my mind were wrong. The girls involved in these organizations were nothing like I had seen in “House Bunny” or “Legally Blonde” (although I wouldn’t mind if there were some more people like Elle Woods in the world). Over the past week, I had some of the most amazing conversations with genuinely down-to-earth women on topics ranging from TV shows and the Franco brothers to how different cultures interact and communicate with each other.

I challenge you to tell your truth

12/1/15 9:44am

Fifteen years ago, my family moved from Caracas, Venezuela, to Cary, North Carolina. I am now 18 and have spent the entirety of my life navigating my way between two different cultures.