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NEWS 7/29/15 10:58am

Eyebrows sadly NOT on Fleek

It is evident that in today’s world, bold and thick eyebrows are a definite in. Lily Collins, Cara Delevingne and Emma Watson have all made quite the statement with their “un-tamed” brows.

NEWS 7/26/15 9:41am

Kim Kardashian pushes new Twitter feature

Usually, when we hear about Kim Kardashian, all the commotion has to do with her newest book full of pictures of her own face or her most recent scandalous photo shoot featuring her abnormally large backside.

NEWS 7/22/15 8:52pm

An Emoji movie is coming

We’ve all grown to love using the tiny characters we refer to as “emojis” in our text messages, Instagram captions and Facebook statuses.

NEWS 6/27/15 5:19pm

Lululemon once again recalls merchandise

Lululemon has, yet again, made quite the “boo-boo.” You may remember the company’s slip-up a few years ago when they were forced to recall several of their yoga pants for unveiling a little more than just workout sweat.

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