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NEWS 4/7/15 12:23am

Which Elon man is your type?

Meet the guys! The Sweet Musician/Artsy Dude A camera slung around his shoulder or a guitar in his hand, the artsy boy and the musician are both bubbling with creativity.

NEWS 3/9/15 7:38pm

Spring break looks

Whether you’re taking on NYC or Appalachia, Miami or your couch this Spring Break, get ready to look and feel great with these fresh and functional looks that’ll help you take on your next locale. FOR THE CITY A color-blocked coat and leather sneakers will not only help you walk for blocks on end, but it’ll get you photographed on the street too. FOR THE COUCH Feel like a hermit, look like a heroine in a punchy crop top and joggers.

NEWS 3/9/15 6:54pm

Back from abroad

Straight off the plane to Elon and what do we see? An incredible mélange of styles coming at us from all over the globe.

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