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Katy Bellotte, from Annapolis, Maryland, is the Fashion Editor for The Edge magazine. She is currently a sophomore, pursuing a major in communications design along with a minor in digital art. When she's not in the studio piecing together stories for the magazine, she can be found editing videos for her video blog, HelloKaty, or spending time with her sorority sisters.

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NEWS 3/8/16 5:00pm

Featured Fashion: European-inspired look at Elon

In terms of her interests, sophomore Iria García seems like the typical Elon University student — an active member of the Koury business school, the house captain of her sorority house for Zeta Tau Alpha and a lover of Cookout hotdogs.

NEWS 9/22/15 2:35pm


Whether it's a sushi-filled dinner at Red Bowl, trivia night at Fat Frogg or a good old-fashioned frat party, there's hardly ever a dull moment once the sun sets over Lake Mary Nell.

NEWS 7/22/15 9:00am

Save a life: Use a selfie stick

Defined by UrbanDictionary as “an elongated rod, usually made out of plastic or steel, with a camera on one end and a dense moron on the other,” the “selfie stick” has become a lifestyle staple for sorority girls, tourists and presidents alike.

NEWS 7/19/15 10:49pm

Keeping up with the cornrows

What do you get when two teenage starlets butt heads over a hairstyle? A corn-troversy. As if it isn’t hard enough to “keep up” with this family — the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister, Kylie Jenner, has managed to cause quite the squabble in Hollywood with her newest hairstyle: cornrows. Speculated to have a cumulative net worth of more than $150 million from various clothing lines, television shows and the sex tape that started it all, the members of the Kardashian-Jenner family have undoubtedly made themselves household names.

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