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NEWS 7/9/14 2:33pm

Welcome to the New York City fashion scene

NEW YORK CITY - New York fashion is something that has always fascinated me. Being an avid blog-reader and fashion enthusiast, I’d heard the rumors that New Yorkers only wear black and I’d listened to both sides of the who-wore-it-best debate — Parisians or New Yorkers. I’ve seen more than my fair share of New York street style photos and have been exposed to pop culture portraying New Yorkers as skinny, black-wearing, cigarette-smoking types who either work on Wall Street, sell their souls to the fashion industry or paint for a living. To put it simply, stereotypes were not going to cut it for me.

NEWS 11/3/13 6:08pm

Halloween Costumes

Although classic costumes are simple and easy, if you’re looking to get a bit more creative this Halloween, you may need to take a page out of celebrity’s books.

NEWS 10/18/13 1:07pm

Fall Skin Survival Guide

With autumn in full swing, the joys of the season, which include warm pumpkin pie, Halloween Costumes and a delicious Thanksgiving feast, are fast approaching.

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