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Campus sustainability slowed by growth

5/7/15 11:56am

Though Elon University’s environmental initiatives have earned it praise from a number of its stakeholders, its rapid expansion has encroached on some of its sustainability objectives and challenged it to find ways to reduce emissions as the campus expands and enrollment rises. Between 2008 — the baseline year for carbon emission  measurements — and 2014, Elon added about 670,000 square feet and about 850 students to its campus.

SGA Senate Recap: Nov. 14

11/15/13 1:16am

At Thursday night's SGA Senate meeting, a resolution to express sympathy for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and allocate funds toward disaster relief efforts passed in a unanimous vote. The resolution authorized the executive treasurer to donate $500 of SGA funds to the Red Cross and called upon leaders of campus organizations to donate $5 from their organizational budgets, if possible. Before the vote, several senators questioned whether it was appropriate to use student funds to aid an area that isn't strongly connected to Elon. But Will Galleher, senior class senator, mentioned his experiencing rooming with an Elon student who was from the Philippines. "This is a great cause to stand behind," he said.

SGA Senate Recap: Oct. 31

10/31/13 9:13pm

At Thursday night’s SGA Senate Meeting, Elaine Turner, director of Residence Life, explained Elon’s strategic plan to create a more engaging residential program. In fall 2014, Elon will roll out a new residential plan designed to support the needs of students during all four years of their college experience.

Alexis Gray permitted to remove electronic monitoring device

10/23/13 9:05pm

The Alamance County District Court today granted Alexis Gray permission to remove the electronic monitoring device she has been required to wear since December 2012, when she was charged with felony possession of a firearm on Elon University's campus. Gray is awaiting her trial, which is scheduled for Dec.

SGA Senate Recap: Oct. 17

10/18/13 6:15pm

At Thursday night’s SGA Senate meeting, a $1,500 special allocation to a group of five students traveling to India during Winter Term passed in a 36-3-9 vote. The group will spend more than two weeks there to participate in a Rickshaw Run, a 1,800-mile journey down the west coast of India using auto-rickshaws as transportation.

SGA Senate Recap: Oct. 10

10/11/13 10:47am

At Thursday night’s SGA Senate meeting, a second special allocation for this year’s Homecoming concert passed in a 35-5 vote. The Homecoming Committee, which includes members of both the SGA and the Student Union Board, requested additional funds to cover unforeseen costs of hosting Timeflies Nov.

SGA Senate Recap: Oct. 3

10/4/13 2:20pm

At Thursday night’s SGA Senate meeting, Elon University’s ARAMARK representatives addressed the Senate about the recent health violations recorded in Colonnades Dining Hall. On Sept.

Students, staff address causes of discrimination on campus

9/27/13 10:38am

Students, faculty and staff at Elon University converged today to discuss the matter of diversity on campus in the wake of an incident of racial and religious bias. The forum was not only a response to the incident in which a Jewish student and a black student found a swastika, the letters “KKK” and male genitalia drawn on a whiteboard outside their dorm in Colonnades D. It was an effort to address the causes of the acts of discrimination and bias that have occurred on campus during the last several years. “The culture of apathy is part of the blame for something like this,” said sophomore Bobby King.

SGA Senate Recap: Sept. 27

9/27/13 1:54am

At Thursday night’s SGA Senate meeting, a bill to “clarify and expand communication to students, faculty, and staff about acts of hate on campus” passed in a 36-5-2 vote. The bill was presented as a response to a recent bias incident in which Jewish student and a black student found a swastika, the letters “KKK” and male genitalia drawn on a whiteboard outside their dorm in Colonnades D.

SGA Senate Recap: Sept. 19

9/19/13 11:47pm

At Thursday night’s SGA Senate meeting, Matthew Antonio Bosch, the new director of Elon’s LGBTQ center, addressed the Senate about promoting awareness and education about LGBTQIA issues.

Sewage water floods two apartments in Oaks Area complex

9/16/13 5:23pm

At least four residents of Janie Poole Brown Hall in the Oaks Area apartment complex at Elon University packed their belongings today and vacated their first-floor apartment after sewage water seeped from the shower drain and saturated their living space. Sophomore Margaret Bryant, junior Jessica Edwards and their two other roommates have temporarily relocated to Trollinger House while Physical Plant repairs the damage to the bathroom, carpet and flooring caused by the contaminated water.

Freshman Class Election Results

9/12/13 7:55pm

The Student Government Association held freshman class elections Sept. 9-10. The results are as follows: Freddy Suppes - President Kyle Porro - Vice President Shelby Allen - Secretary Prateek Patel - Treasurer Kenneth Obi - Senator Elyse Ruppert - Senator Mark McGann - Senator

SGA Senate Recap: Sept. 5

9/5/13 10:11pm

At Thursday night’s Student Government Association meeting, a bill, a special allocation and two executive orders passed in the Senate. The Senate first heard an allocation request from the Elon Local News Morning, a morning show created last spring by sophomore Katie Maraghy and other ELN staff members.

Elon bar scene shrinks with closing of Taphouse, Town Table

9/4/13 1:26am

College Street Taphouse and Town Table closed their doors this summer, leaving Elon University officials scrambling to find new uses for the downtown area buildings. Elon may use Taphouse to host Student Union Board events, and the university is currently looking to sell Town Table to a new owner.