Kate Sieber

Kate Sieber, from Roswell, Georgia, is the Health and Wellness Editor for The Pendulum and The Edge Magazine. She is a Strategic Communications major with a minor in Professional Writing Studies. In her spare time, Kate can be found running at the gym or eating peanut butter straight out of the jar.

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NEWS 5/21/16 11:11am

Senior chooses personal development over job

For most college seniors, the final year of undergraduate school is spent scouring for jobs in the dreaded “real world.” Students obsess over landing the job of their dreams; the job they have worked their entire college career to get. But for senior Jaclyn DeVincent, finding a job for her post-college life had not yet crossed her mind.

NEWS 4/7/16 9:36am

Upgrade your breakfast with avocado

Best known for their breakout role role in guacamole, avocados have taken the world by storm. With over 100 different varieties, there is a variety of avocado everyone is sure to love. 

NEWS 11/6/15 8:38pm

Hops Burger Bar

I’ve considered going vegetarian countless times, but what it always comes down to is knowing deep down in my soul that I cannot live without a good cheeseburger. 

NEWS 11/3/15 8:49pm

Fresh is best

Eating seasonally has major health perks, but it also can have a huge impact on local businesses and the earth as a whole. Simply put, it’s the right and delicious choice to make. 

NEWS 10/8/15 3:46pm

Have a Healthy Holiday!

Get ready, everyone. The best time of the year is upon us. Yes, that’s right — I’m talking about the long-anticipated holiday season.

NEWS 10/5/15 5:25pm

Make every day Taco Tuesday

We all know and love the Elon classics: Smitty’s, Pandora’s, The Root ... but now there’s a new place for students to satisfy their never-ending quest for grub.

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