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Elon Alum Named Kappa Sigma Man of the Year

11/11/13 11:38am

He may be an Admiral, but to those in the room, he's still "Shortney." Admiral William Gortney of Elon's Class of 1977 was in Burlington Saturday where he received his fraternity Kappa Sigma 2013

Theater Master Class Takes the Stage

9/17/13 11:22pm

It's the one performance at Elon where the audience is part of the show: Improv. Yeager Recital Hall hosted the 2013 Improv Olympics Saturday night, which is a master class in Elon's theater department.

New Requirement for Communications Fellows Program

9/13/13 10:47am

As of next year, Freshman fellows will be required to finish one publishable research project by the end of their first year. The change was put in place due to historically low numbers of communications students doing research during their four years at Elon. "It's something that I came up with.

Moral Monday Comes to Greensboro, Chapel Hill

9/3/13 12:10am

It's a movement that started just as students were taking final exams last semester. Moral Mondays began as a small movement of people angry with new policies enacted by North Carolina legislators.

SGA Swears In New Sophomore Class Leaders

9/2/13 11:38pm

Elon's Student Government Association swore in three new members on Thursday to replace three sophomore class members who resigned over the summer. Former Sophomore Class Vice President Ruth Robinson, Class Secretary Natasha Schettini and Senator Conor Janda all resigned over the summer. SGA was not given reasons for their resignations, and all three refused to comment when contacted. Students Matthew Crehan, Madison Gosselin and Brittany Armstead

Private School Police Bill Signed by Gov. McCrory

6/13/13 9:52am

A bill that makes police records at private universities available to the public was signed by Governor Pat McCrory on Wednesday. The bill, NC H142, stems from a lawsuit filed against Elon University by Nick Ochsner, an Elon alumnus and former reporter for our newscast. Elon Campus Police and other North Carolina private college police agencies are now required to disclose narrative descriptions of details surrounding arrests as well as 911 calls when requested. Ochsner sued the university after being denied a complete incident report from Elon Campus Safety and Police regarding the arrest of an Elon student.

Syria Close To Home

2/19/13 6:02pm

Professor Haya Ajjan and her family are from Syria, and after two years of fighting, her family is still broken. "His family was waiting for him one night, and he did not come back.