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SPORTS 11/6/15 8:37pm

Game day for dummies

For many people, fall means more than pumpkin spice lattes and jack-o-lantern carving. It means touchdowns and tailgates and cheering for your home team.

NEWS 7/23/15 5:38pm

Millennial monsters under the bed

In the most terrifying news of the day, it was just made public that back in May, a man was charged with burglary after sneaking into a New Jersey home and hiding under a bed for three days. According to the Associated Press, John Hubbard entered the home when the owner was taking out the garbage.

NEWS 7/23/15 5:35pm

When selfies turn dangerous

Let me just start by saying, I hate selfies. Call me judgmental or a cynic or whatever you want, but I think there are few things more narcissistic than posting a picture of just your face on social media.

NEWS 2/6/15 3:13pm

Inside Elon's home sweet homes

Creativity is all around Elon, but a lot of it is only seen behind closed doors. We’re making it our job here at The Edge to take you behind the scenes to view some of the best living spaces on campus.

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