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Latin American cookbook reveals flavorful, bold recipes that defy culinary stereotypes

10/30/13 11:07pm

Cheesy enchiladas. Hot and spicy fajitas. Crispy hard shell tacos. These are the staples of Latin American cuisine, right? Not so, says cooking instructor and local food writer Sandra Gutierrez, who recently released her second cookbook, “Latin American Street Food: The Best Flavors of Markets, Beaches and Roadside Stands from Mexico to Argentina.” In fact, the type of enchilada Americans chow down on is very different from a Guatemalan enchilada, which is actually a tostada topped with peas, cabbage and a vibrant beet slaw.

Elon graduates offered variety of lifetime benefits

5/16/12 2:16pm

Most graduating seniors are sad to say goodbye to their college years. But through the benefits offered to Elon University graduates by Elon’s Alumni Association, students can continue to stay connected to the university in both fun and rewarding ways. After graduating from Elon, students are automatically considered members of the Elon Alumni Association.

Recognizing the diversity of disabilities on campus

5/1/12 6:33pm

Although Elon University prides itself on its student-faculty ratio of 13:1, not all staff-related ratios on campus are quite as low. Susan Wise, Disabilities Services coordinator, is in charge of about 450 undergraduate students and 25 graduate students registered with Disabilities Services, and she is the only staff member. “Obviously, just meeting the day to day needs of so many persons is challenging,” Wise said.

Global Neighborhood site plan modified since inception

5/1/12 6:21pm

The Global Neighborhood housing complex, which is scheduled to be completed in two stages by 2014, has been re-designed because of financial concerns and new conceptual ideas. The original site plan consisted of four four-story buildings, each with a common space on the first floor and residence halls on the upper three.

Elon Microfinance Initiative provides local, international business support

4/17/12 6:49pm

For the Elon Microfinance Initiative, Muhammad Yunus’s visit to campus this month meant more than just a Convocation speech. The EMI has been inspired by Yunus since the group was founded in 2009, and his presence on campus in April helped kick off Microfinance Month. At Convocation, Yunus spoke of his personal work with microfinance, which involves providing collateral and interest-free loans to empoverished women. “Dr. Yunus’ visit to campus was the perfect way to kick off the month and spread awareness,” said senior Kelly Cavanaugh, president of EMI.

Elon University School of Law makes plans to expand campus

4/13/12 10:23am

The Elon University School of Law in downtown Greensboro will expand its campus to make room for additional classrooms, office space and student organization workspace, according to a release from the Office of University Communications.  The renovations are scheduled to be complete by August 2012, before the start of the fall semester. The law school will renovate three buildings within a half block of the law school and a 5,700-square-foot commercial property at 101 West Friendly Avenue. "With our clinical and other academic programs expanding and student organizations increasing in number and activities, we realized that we needed additional space within which they could operate and thrive," said Alan Woodlief, associate dean of the Elon University School of Law. The three buildings, which were purchased in December, are located at 218 and 219 Friendly Ave.

Elon students get paid to play

4/8/12 3:37pm

Financing college just got a whole lot more fun. Grantoo, a social gaming community that gives college students the chance to win tuition money and donate to charity, recently opened its website to Elon University students. Within the first week and a half of play, sophomores Taylor Pewitt and Katie Ryan each recieved the first place prize: a $1,000 scholarship. Pewitt placed first out of 73 students in the April 8 tournament, and Ryan placed first April 15.

The News Report - March 29, 2012

3/29/12 3:12pm

Grace and Melissa discuss this weeks short paper! This week they look into faculty discussing everything from weight loss to staff getting an Elon degree for FREE!

News Briefs - March 28, 2012

3/27/12 1:30pm

Joanne Ruelle named Dean and University Librarian, will begin June 1. Joan Ruelle will succeed Kate Hickey as Dean and University Librarian June 1.

Budget increase provides funding for new domestic, international initiatives

3/14/12 5:17pm

The Isabella Cannon International Centre will implement new domestic and international initiatives in 2013 with additional funds provided by the 2012-2013 budget increase.  A new Office of Domestic Programs is currently in the works, and an Honors Fellows Winter Term study abroad course to Turkey will begin January 2013. The new Office of Domestic Programs will serve as a support system for current domestic programs in place and will aid students who find their own opportunities to study domestically, according to Woody Pelton, director of the Isabella Cannon Centre.

Survey reveals North Carolinians optimistic about Obama, national economy

3/10/12 1:53pm

The results from the most recent Elon Poll reveal that North Carolinians have an increasingly favorable opinion of President Barack Obama and are more optimistic about the national economy. Of the 605 adults that took the survey, 28.5 percent said they approved of the way Obama is handling his job as president, while only 22.9 percent felt the same in November.

This week in review: March 7, 2012

3/7/12 10:44pm

This week, we featured a great style story about a new gardening class on the front page.  The photography for the story was phenomenal and we were really pleased with the turnout of both the photos and the article. We were really excited about the other stories packaged on the front page as well.