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Elon’s take on BuzzFeed: the new news or new distraction?

10/26/13 11:34am

It’s the bane of every teacher’s existence. It clutters Facebook homepages. It draws people of all lifestyles in with articles like “10 Peculiar Works of Art Featuring Donald Trump” and “23 Moments of Beyonce Realness.” At Elon University, students appear split on BuzzFeed’s attraction.

A simple puff of smoke

5/13/13 12:00am

Weed. Pot. Grass. While I am all for a new green initiative, I don’t think we need to add these words to our everyday vocabulary. As college students, we have a strong attraction to what we aren’t supposed to do.

Your summer to-do list

5/13/13 12:00am

By the time finals come around in May, we are begging for summer vacation. Our first few days are spent lounging in the sun, in bed or on the couch.

Freshen up any room for spring

3/27/12 2:58pm

From the doldrums of classes to hiding from the bitter cold, many college students retreat into their dorms and apartments to hibernate during the winter.

Academic program recognizes women’s achievements in March

2/28/12 12:21am

Already representing 60 percent of students on campus, women will gain even more prominence in March. The women’s and gender studies program is coordinating these events in celebration of Women’s History Month. “Given the huge amount of debate and discussion about women, particularly in regards to women’s healthcare decisions, I find this opportunity to be especially important,” said Mandy Gallagher, women’s and gender studies program coordinator and assistant professor of communications. The events will include panels, digital displays in Moseley that will feature important women and a documentary screening that will include a discussion about the prominent women in history and their effect on society today. “This is a time for us to reflect on the historical accomplishments of women before us to further explore where we would like to see women go in the future,” Gallagher said.