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Students reflect on Boston Marathon bombings, one year later

4/22/14 10:14pm

Patriots day and marathon Monday have always been special for many Massachusetts natives, including Ottavia Pomazon. "It's just kind of ingrained in you that it's a special day and I guess its def something that sets boston apart and makes us unique in the fact that we do celebrate this day.

College Cooking features Quinoa Apple Cake

3/4/14 8:01am

The College Cooking team is back with their take on a dessert using healthier ingredients. Watch Eric Halperin and Brian Mezerski make Quinoa Apple Cake. Want the recipe? This recipe is by Katie Morris from her blog, Katie at the Kitchen Door. She adapted the recipe from the cookbook Home Made Winter. Learn more about Katie and this recipe by checking out her blog.

Shutdown Felt by Current and Past Elon Students

10/8/13 2:50pm

Although Washington D.C. is about 300 miles away from Elon's campus, the impact of the government shutdown, which has gone on for a week now, is being felt by several members of the Elon community. Junior Katie Blunt, a Lumen Scholarship recipient, is one of those people.

Student Hit by Drunk Driver Faces Charges

10/2/13 11:34pm

Sophomore Amanda Beland was hit by a drunk driver on Friday, Sept. 27. According to a police report, Beland will also be facing charges. She is being charged as a pedestrian failing to yield to the right to all vehicles and underage drinking. Beland was crossing West Haggard Avenue in an area where there was no cross walk, when the accident happened. She is still in the hospital recovering. Stay tuned to for more updates on this story.

Gang Activity Near Elon

3/20/13 10:00pm

Right outside the Elon bubble students might not notice a big problem taking over Burlington - gang activity.

Free Food Search

3/13/13 9:43pm

Sure, the new Lakeside Dining Hall is great. But I thought it would be fun to see if for a week, I could find food without having to swipe the Phoenix Card.

Inaugural Parade Floats

1/16/13 10:48pm

Floats are the main attraction at many parades but at Saturday's Gubernatorial Inaugural Parade, one of the floats promoted a local industry. With more than 70 floats taking part in the parade it was hard to stand out, but ELN found one that made parade goers re-think how they buy their food. Joe Sanderson, the Assistant Director of Marketing for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture said, "The cart is one of a few that are available.

Reaction to Puerto Rico's Statehood Vote

11/14/12 2:58pm

Cristina Cartagena is a first year student from Puerto Rico and looks forward to what will happen if Puerto Rico becomes an American state. "I'm actually kind of glad they voted because it would be so much better if we could become a state," Cartagena said.

ELN: June Atkinson Interview

11/5/12 2:09pm

ELN requested interviews with all of the candidates on the Alamance County Ballot. Eric Halperin sat down with June Atkinson, a candidate for North Carolina State Superintendent.