Diego Pineda

Diego Pineda was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, but has lived in Raleigh for most of his life. He is the Photo Editor for Elon News Network. He is a Journalism major and has a minor in Human Services. 

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NEWS 8/24/18 12:41pm

Move-in 2018: East Neighborhood

Freshman Olivia Mubarek left what she calls her “little bubble” in Newtown, Connecticut,  to move to East Neighborhood and be part of the first-ever group of students to move into these new residence halls.

NEWS 1/10/18 8:56pm

Creating a Business One Stroke at a Time

  Junior Lucy White remembers first selling and showcasing her abstract paintings at “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” a mother-daughter event of the Gamma Nu Chapter of Phi Mu during the Fall of 2016. It was not until a mother asked her about the price when she realized the potential her artwork had.

NEWS 11/8/17 8:47am

Falling into dance

The production process of a dance concert mirrors the structure of a spider web. The center is the concept of the show. Each strand attached is a different contributing part — from the director to the dancers, choreographers, crew and costume designers. As the performance approaches, the different strands begin to connect.

NEWS 10/10/17 8:39pm

Tuning in to the sounds of Elon: behind the scenes of WSOE

Forty years ago, the Wonderful Sounds of Elon radio station, WSOE, broadcasted its first record ever through its 89.3 FM frequency. The record was “More Than a Feeling” by Boston. Today, the record is set to be framed and placed in the WSOE office built last year in McEwen School of Communications.

NEWS 8/31/17 10:25am

Uplifting Black males on campus

The recent police shootings, current political climate and protests such as the one Charlottesville, Virginia have led senior Alonzo Cee to combat the negative stereotypes aimed at black males. While interning and doing research at the Alpha Phi Alpha headquarters this summer, Cee came to the realization of the lack of support systems that exist for black males on college campuses. “The books I was reading and researched talked about that there needs to be support groups specifically targeted for black men in order to make them feel like they have some worth, have that connection and have that bond,” Cee said. Cee’s research focused on African American men on college campuses and he came across the subject of support systems in predominantly white college campuses.

NEWS 8/24/17 5:07pm

How one freshman arrived to Elon from Shanghai

Freshman Nikki Gupta is excited to begin her new chapter and cannot wait to set foot on campus, but as a third culture student from India, her outlook on the next four years is a bit different. “To me, it means I’m exposed to a variety of cultural influences,” Gupta said.

NEWS 5/3/17 3:00pm

Multi-faith scholars spark conversation

Sophomore Sophie Zinn considers herself as the person in her friend group that is constantly encouraging others to talk about religion, a subject that she is very passionate about and that she believes is not talked about as much. "It’s not really in the public sphere of college life or America in general as something that’s positive," Zinn said.

NEWS 3/9/17 10:22pm

Vigil for Offstein brings student athletes, community to Belk Track

At 7:30 p.m. Thursday, more than 100 Elon community members — mostly Elon University student athletes — gathered on the hill beside Irwin Belk Track to pray, sing and share stories about freshman Molly Offstein. Offstein, a cross country runner and Honors Fellow, was struck by a car on her morning jog Monday and is now in a medically induced coma at the UNC hospital.

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