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Courtney Campbell, from Newtown, Connecticut, is Lifestyle Editor for Elon News Network. She is majoring in Print and Online Journalism and minoring in Public Health and Wellness and Health Promotion. When she isn't at the ENN office, Courtney can be found working out, snuggling with a nice cup of tea or attempting to ocean kayak across the Atlantic.

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Hitting the road for homelessness

5/16/17 3:00pm

In 2014, 39.8 million United States households, more than a third of all, were housing cost-burdened, according to the Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies. The U.S. Conference of Mayors has cited affordable housing as the leading cause of homelessness. To raise awareness for this issue, after graduation senior Jack Pasi will hit the road with his girlfriend Charolotte Robin in a 48-square-foot tiny home on an 11,000 mile cross-country journey towed by 2005 Honda Pilot in a project called “Coast to Coast, Cote a Cote.”

Arranging a cappella

3/15/17 8:00am

Sophomore Anna Corsiglia almost didn’t go to her a cappella auditions freshman out of nerves. But today, she is arranging a version of “Greedy” by Ariana Grande as music director for the Shirley Tempos. “Over the summer I arranged a song by Panic at the Disco!

Bringing Zenitry to life with student mural

2/21/17 12:17pm

Almost every day senior Alaina Kiesel wears a combination of two sun and moon necklaces. This piece of her will soon be translated onto a mural she is painting on a wall in Zenitry at Timberline Station. “I just feel really connected to the sun and moon,” Kiesel said.

Blase challenges societal norms through student-run magazine

2/14/17 12:23pm

About a year ago, sophomores Nabriya Ware and Nic Zuhse were sitting down at dinner when Ware brought up an idea for a new project. She was attempting to find her niche on campus, and found things she seemed interested in but didn’t match her own outward style or internal struggles with race and ethnicity.

The Flower Project spreads unconventional love

2/7/17 12:39pm

Throughout Winter Term and the beginning of February, about 40 volunteers gather with colorful scrapbook paper and markers, creating personal, handmade cards with sayings such as “You are so loved” and “You are important.” On Valentine’s Day these cards – along with bouquets of flowers – will be delivered to the Family Justice Center in Burlington, Allied Churches and Crossroads Sexual Assault Resource Center and given to women who were abused, rejected, abandoned or homeless as part of The Flower Project.

'Elon in my blood': Faye Conally matched brother J. Earl Danieley's commitment to university, community

12/1/16 8:10am

Faye Conally knows the ins and out of almost every Elon University building like the back of her hand. After following the footsteps of her brother Dr. Emeritus J. Earl Danieley, Conally graduated Elon in 1961 with a degree in secretarial science. “Options for young ladies in those days were so limited that you could be a secretary, a nurse or taking care of children," she said. "I wasn’t ready to settle down, so I took to secretarial science.”

Main Street Vinyl brings records to downtown Burlington

11/19/16 5:46am

Josh Garrett was raised on listening to music on vinyl. At home his father would also have a record on, playing classic rock from the 50s and 60s. “When I got older and settled down and got my own home, he passed me all his old records and it led me to seek out my own,” Garrett said.

Students film biggest budgeted movie in Elon’s history over Fall Break

10/24/16 10:19pm

Over the span of nine days, 37 Elon University students were running around with cameras, props and actors, spending around 13 hours a day filming “Providence,” a short film written and directed by senior Kenner Clark. Taking place in a rural college town in North Carolina, “Providence” follows four characters that become entangled in a crime of passion and how a deteriorating relationship reaches its breaking point in 36 hours.

Elon in San Francisco program to launch this summer

10/3/16 8:35pm

Students will join the minds of the creators of Apple, Facebook and Google while having time to bike the Golden Gate Bridge this summer with Elon in San Francisco, a new branch of Study USA. For eight weeks beginning June 1, 20 students will have to opportunity to take an Innovation Course and complete and internship in the innovation capital of the world.

Celebrating inclusivity with Alamance Pride

10/3/16 9:55am

Gary Cooper was shocked by what he saw in downtown Burlington. Living their since the 40s, he never imagined he would see rainbow flags and the community coming together to celebrate the LGBTQIA and inclusivity. A pioneer in the Burlington LGBTQIA movement, Alamance Pride on Oct.

Heroes for the Open Door Clinic

9/25/16 3:28pm

A group of six women who call themselves the “Hardcore Moms,” were clad in Wonderwoman and Superman T-shirts and capes with a picture of their trainer, stood outside Elon University’s Physician Assistant (PA) school, waiting to run the “Great Cape Escape Race.” As a buzzer went off at 9:40 a.m.

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