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Elon partners with Peace Corp to promote global volunteerism

3/12/13 12:27pm

Elon University recently established a partnership with the Peace Corps to better prepare students for the rigors of the program and the prospect of working abroad. The new Peace Corps Prep Program is an interdisciplinary curriculum that teaches students skills necessary for success in the Peace Corps.

FDA may approve genetically engineered salmon for human consumption

1/14/13 11:21am

Genetically engineered Atlantic salmon may soon become the first transgenic animal to be sold in grocery stores and supplied by food service vendors across the country, possibly including ARAMARK, Elon University’s food supplier. The fish swam a bit closer to FDA approval when the administration released a draft of its environmental assessment affirming the modified salmon does not pose a considerable environmental threat last month. In 2010, the FDA concluded the genetically altered AquaAdvantage salmon was safe for human consumption, generating controversy among proponents and opponents of biotechnology. The modified salmon, engineered by AquaBounty Technologies at Prince Edward Island and grown in tanks in Panama, grow nearly twice the size of conventional Atlantic salmon at a faster growth rate.

Correspondents' Corner: Election polling in Spain

11/6/12 5:14pm

Correspondents’ Corner is a place for The Pendulum’s team of international reporters to reflect on their time abroad and share stories about the new cultures they are experiencing. SEVILLE, SPAIN— On printed jean shorts, biker boots and simple shirts, the flag of the U.S.A.

Spain's economy causes continued protests

10/23/12 10:49pm

SEVILLE, SPAIN — For students, walking home through the center of town from a late afternoon class occasionally involves navigating through an organized, yet noisy, public protest on the cobblestone streets of Seville. Shiny banners denouncing the government’s newest austerity plan, shrill sounds streaming from plastic whistles, grumbling megaphones and strategically placed clusters of police are slowly becoming part of the regular street scene in the historic city center of Seville.

Correspondents’ Corner: Playing the Role of Foreigner

9/24/12 8:07pm

SEVILLE — Perhaps it is the colorful city map peeking from the corner of my purse, my tendency to walk in the green bicycle lanes or lack of incredibly bronzed skin that gives me away as a foreign student in Spain. It can be difficult to ignore the inquisitive glances I receive when I’m obviously stumbling my way through the halls of the University of Seville.