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Students participate in nation-wide marketing competition

4/29/14 9:23pm

If you go to Elon you might not know his music, but country music singer, Joel Crouse, could help a group of students land a big internship. "It's such a first like real world experience," said Sophomore Marketing Major Indigo Gordon.

Beating the odds: Baseball player wins battle with cancer

4/15/14 4:25pm

[youtube=] Elon pitcher Joe McGillicuddy thought he struck out when he failed a random NCAA drug test last fall. "In my mind I was like, 'No, this is impossible,'" McGillicuddy said. McGillicuddy says he's never taken any performance enhancing drugs, but the test showed high testosterone levels and he tested positive for the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, commonly known as HCG. "My emotions got a little rattled, I should say," McGillicuddy said.

Stroll-Off ties university with Elon community

3/10/14 7:23pm

Dancing, cheering, screeching and a lot of shouting filled Alumni gym, Saturday, March 8. It was all a part of the second annual Stroll-Off, hosted by Alpha Phi Alpha Inc. This year they had a special opening act. "The Alphas approached us and wanted some of our Boys and Girls Club kids to be part of the show, to be the opening act," said Tara Nager, Alamance County Boys and Girls Club Program Director.

Tree branches block paths across campus

3/7/14 7:46pm

In less than three months, graduating seniors will sit under the oaks for the commencement ceremony, but right now, branches, twigs and ice cover Elon's campus after an ice storm. Many tree branches fell on brick paths, blocking the way for students to walk. Physical Plant workers have been doing anything they can to clear the debris. The ice that coats the limbs makes them so heavy, it's hard for workers to pick them up on their own.

Application outside the classroom

3/3/14 4:41pm

Many students use their living room for hanging out, watching TV and doing homework. But sophomore students Jake Smith and Alex Simoneaux use their common area as an office. One month ago, the two Elon students created a company named Genesis Electronics after studying abroad in China.

Students write and publish book over winter term

2/13/14 3:01pm

Winter Term classes can be stressful with a tight timetable, but Elon has a group of students who fought that timetable, and now their coursework can be bought across the world. Identity, culture shock and embracing independence are just a handful of issue students can face while traveling abroad. "Being in a place where you're not comfortable with anything, you really see who you really are underneath," said Jordan Joshua, an Elon Senior. This winter term, with the power of the pen, students who have studied abroad had an opportunity to share their experiences by writing a book. "It not only goes with the materialistic and the pretty surface level things of going abroad or coming back, but it also goes into deep personal analysis," said Emily Delaplane, a teacher's assistant to the class. Elon Professor Tom Arcaro set the pace for his class from day one without hesitation. "When he said we were going to be writing I book I thought... that's heavy," Joshua said. Despite the amount of work, Arcaro used teaching techniques that helped get the creative juices flowing. In a typical class you are assigned papers for work, but for this class, students wrote blog posts about specific personal experiences, some of which ended up in the book. Since 72 percent of Elon students study abroad before graduating, the class agreed on the importance of analyzing their life-changing experiences. "This is the reflection that students need when they come back, or before they go," Joshua said. The students aren't the only contributors.

Drinking during Winter Term: Pastime or problem?

1/21/14 6:35pm

With only one class to take during Winter Term, many students consider the month of January a time to relax, a time to have fun and for some students, a time to drink alcohol. "I go out mostly every day," said Taj Zahran, a 22-year old senior.

To be a Panthers fan

1/13/14 5:21am

Few things can describe the sensation. "It's just like fire," said Senior Kyron Turner. "That's the only way I can describe it.

Phillippines' Typhoon Haiyan Impacts Elon

11/12/13 6:26pm

First-year student Gaby Chiongbian has lived in the Philippines all her life but now misses home more than ever. "It really does make you feel homesick but more than anything I feel helpless," Chiongbian says. Chiongbian called home to her family on Saturday, who was near the eye of Typhoon Haiyan. "I asked them, 'What time is it?' and they said 'It's two.' I apologized, but I was so scared for them," she says.

Students Personalize Their Education through Independent Majors

9/24/13 2:54pm

Ask Elon students what their major is and the most popular answer may be Business or Communications, but not for Senior Gloria So. So is majoring in Human Rights and Social Activism, and if that major sounds unfamiliar, that's because So created it herself.

Remembering Lake Blalock

9/16/13 10:30pm

Last year we introduced you to Lake Blalock, the former Town of Elon Police Department's parking enforcer.

Historical Torah is Brought to Elon

9/8/13 11:18pm

The Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah celebrates a new year, when Jews reflect on their lives through the teachings of the Torah, and according to Hillel Development and Jewish Life Associate Ginny Vellani, the Torah is "special." "The Jews respect the Torah like it was a person," Vellani said. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> But the Torah isn't read like your average book; they are carefully written out, letter by letter, with a special Hebrew calligraphy. "That person trains their entire life to have the skills to write a Torah," Vellani said.

Student earns 'cool' cash through self-started business

4/30/13 6:46pm

Some associate fraternity banquets with a one thing: painting a cooler. Senior Julia Caplan has made this tradition into a business. "I kept getting phone calls from people who were also going to banquet saying Julia can you come help me with this, how do I do this, how do I mix a color to get this?" Caplan said.

New A Capella Group: Smooth Progressions

3/19/13 11:22pm

Knowing the large amount of musical talent on Elon's campus, Montez Brown had a goal. Over the course of 29 days, he wanted to prepare his new all-male a capella group, Smooth Progressions, for the biggest A Capella show of the year - Accapalooza. "It was a bit of a time crunch because I had auditions for the group on February 16th," said Brown.

College Cooking

3/13/13 10:59am

We focus on food that is local, healthy, and cheap. Tweet @AlexPatrickRose to give your food suggestions for our next show.

Students React to Offensive Posters Around Campus

3/9/13 12:16pm

During one of Elon's busiest weekends, fellows weekend, students are usually handed out packets of information about our school. This time, they also found flyers on the windshields of their cars. The flyers were in response to the racial slur note that was posted around campus earlier this week. Elon Local News got student reactions to that offensive content. "It's kind of sickening," says sophomore Brian Binder.

New Jewish Fraternity

3/7/13 1:34pm

Elliot Aks, Garrett Mann, Ben Karas, Zach Csillag, and Mason Sklut all had a vision. The five Elon students wanted to bring a jewish fraternity to our campus, and a year later the founding fathers of Zeta Beta Tau the world's first Jewish Fraternity, were initiated. "There's something to be said about having a Jewish Fraternity, the culture, the history, the traditions, there's nothing like it," said Mason Sklut. Each of its founding fathers believe the fraternity will be a good outlet for all Jewish men at Elon. "For me it's not so much about religion, as it is community and culture," said Garret Mann. [div class="alignleft"] [/div] ZBT plans to get involved right away. "In the coming year I plan to build a strong brotherhood within the group, and also work with the other Greek organizations at Elon, as well as the Elon community," said Zach Csillag, President of Zeta Beta Tau. Although the five core members are Jewish, ZBT is not a religiously exclusive Fraternity. "As of now we have 33 founding fathers of our organization," said Elliot Aks.