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Allie Dietz is a Style Senior Reporter for The Edge and The Pendulum. She is from Stafford, Virginia, and is a Broadcast Journalism major. When she’s not writing for the publication or her blog, she’s more than likely binge watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” with a hot tea in her hand.

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NEWS 4/27/16 8:00am

Healthy masculinity group promotes conversation

“It is taboo for men to talk together, to share their feelings and emotions,” Noah Rossen, Elon sophomore said, “there is no safe place for that in society or at Elon.” Rossen and his roommate this year, Elon Sophomore Scott Powell have had countless discussions since they moved in together about the role society expects men to take on and why it is okay if they don’t. “We created a Healthy Masculinity group.

NEWS 4/19/16 1:25pm

A walk against victim blaming

More than 23.6 million people in the United States are sexual assault and rape survivors, according to the Joyful Heart Foundation. The month of April is also Sexual Assault Awareness Month and both Elon University and EFFECT dedicated the week of April 10 as their third annual Support Survivors week. The week is designed to both imagine a campus free of sexual assault, as well as to show our alliance with victims of sexual violence,” Said Shay Freidman, member of EFFECT and Elon first year.

NEWS 3/16/16 8:00am

Senior works as a the first student bartender at Tony's Pubs-and-Subs

Students across the country are used to early mornings and late nights. Most students have long hours of schoolwork during the day and go out with friends Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights to blow off steam and destress after a long week.  Senior Valerie Reich is the first student at Elon to get a job at Tony’s Pub-N-Subs where she spends Wednesday and Thursday nights bartending.

NEWS 2/23/16 1:20pm

Student experiences culture shock after living in China

Living in another country and learning about different cultures is something many many Elon University students try to achieve by studying abroad for a semester. But for sophomore, Kaylina McKelvey, seeing the word at a young age wasn’t just a dream — it was a reality. “I grew up in Guangzhou China,” she said.

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