Another column about media portrayal of sexual assault

5/1/16 3:30pm

A few months ago, I published a column criticizing the overwhelming willingness of the media and society in general to sweep charges of rape and sexual assault under the rug for well-respected males in a feeble attempt to maintain their shiny images.

In CAA, more opportunities for institutional, athletic growth

5/1/16 2:30pm

Elon University’s move to the Colonial Athletic Association, announced May 2013 but not official until July 2014, was met with considerable financial weight and legitimate concerns with regard to travel and level of competition. But about two years in, fresh off the first CAA Championships that Elon hosted, it’s clear that the move was the right move for not just the athletic department, but the institution as a whole. Elon’s Jimmy Powell Tennis Center hosted the CAA Tennis Championships last weekend, with both the Phoenix men and women falling in tight semifinal matches.

Nothing cool about cooler season

4/23/16 8:00am

            Welcome to banquet season. A weekend of seclusion spent with fraternity brothers and their dates at the beach may sound relaxing, but the weeks leading up to it definitely are not for the girls attending.

Election is rigged against Sanders, Trump

4/22/16 12:52pm

Wyoming is the least populous state. With just 29 Republican and 18 Democratic delegates in the caucuses and three Electoral College votes, it carries very little significance in the 2016 presidential election. But results from the April 9 Democratic caucuses reflect a larger issue of voter disenfranchisement.

Don't let your waste go to waste

4/22/16 12:50pm

In the last few weeks, Elon Dining unveiled new takeout boxes with large orange letters on the top, reading “Compost.” These new lables serve to remind students that the boxes are compostable, just one of many initiatives used to encourage students to live sustainably.

Be open to using your resources

4/17/16 9:00am

It seems hard to believe, but we’re already approaching the end of spring semester. While the yearning dreams of summer may already be fresh in our minds, it’s time once again for the annual onslaught of exams and final projects.

Do not allow fall classes to ruin your spring

4/15/16 9:38am

            Besides the few who truly mastered the four-year plan in Elon 101, April is known for more than just its showers. It’s one of the few times of the year when we log into OnTrack and actually look at “Degree Audit.” We grab a notebook and jot down the next courses to take and what sections and teachers are being offered.

The power of intentional kindness

4/15/16 9:35am

Almost every day I wear a piece of ceramic jewelry around my neck: a yellow flower with the inscription “Be Kind.” It reminds me of the power of intentional kindness, which is one of the driving motivational factors in my daily life.

If you’re comfortable, you’re not trying

3/2/16 10:59am

I recently reported on a speech about campus racism given by Lawrence Ross, author of “Blackballed: The Black and White Politics of Race on America’s Campuses.” It was a fairly routine assignment. I showed up in LaRose Digital Theatre with plenty of time to scope out some students to interview and a good seat for taking photos. It was only when I’d settled in that I realized this event was being attended, unlike most events at Elon University, by mostly African-American students and faculty. It was then that the discomfort settled in, along with the feeling that, however unwelcome that discomfort might be, it was absolutely necessary.

Safety, respectful behavior in living spaces deserves greater priority

2/28/16 11:50am

Having spent my last three years as a student here at Elon, I was sure for the longest time that nothing more about college living could faze me. Granted, the initial transition from living at home to a more independent lifestyle was difficult, but after so much time, I figured I was already well-accustomed to the various eccentricities of living in close quarters with hundreds of college students.